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Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Web Seminar Evonik


Free Web Seminar with Evonik on 21 April 2020 at 15 h (CET)

Join us online when Dr. Zuhal Tuncay from Evonik gives a free presentation on:

 Ancamide®2832 & Ancamide® 2864: Breakthrough epoxy coating technology gets you back in service in under an hour


Wet-on-Wet epoxy coating refers to a method of applying an epoxy coating where additional coats are applied before the previous coats have cured. Epoxy systems can be used as primer or as an intermediate coat. The functional primer coat provides corrosion and barrier protection to the steel and facilitates the intercoat adhesion of subsequent intermediate coat. It is essential that epoxy primer develop its functional properties like hardness, cross link density, Glass transition temperature (Tg) and provide sufficient recoat window for the intermediate layer.

The recent trends and drivers in epoxy coatings market suggests that innovation of epoxy curing agents is needed to significantly lowering the cure time thus enhancing the productivity and throughput in both factory and field applied epoxy systems.

In this presentation we demonstrate the performance attributes of a novel polycyclic-aliphatic amine modified curing agents which can provide rapid through cure and enables wet-on-wet epoxy applications.  Glass transition (Tg), IR cure profile, Intercoat adhesion, corrosion resistance, and applications data will be discussed. 

Your benefits:

  • in-depth information
  • drop your individual questions
  • free of charge

This is how it works:

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