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Wednesday, 20 March 2019
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Epoxy coatings

| 14. Nov 2018 |

Resistant to almost everything

All-singing, all-dancing coatings are few and far between. But at least one of their rare number will be presented in this seminar: epoxy coatings are extremely versatile, and are capable of meeting high demands while imparting mechanical and chemical resistance. Everything you can do with these systems, how the resin and hardener must work together, and where they are still being pushed to their limits are the subjects of this seminar. VOC legislation has unleashed a boom in waterborne epoxy systems – make sure you do not miss out on this seminar!

Your key-learnings:

  • What can modern epoxy resin paints do?
  • Which property profiles can be achieved and how?
  • How do waterborne systems perform compared to solventborne epoxy paints?
  • How can properties be optimised by means of additives?
  • What standards apply to epoxy coatings in the regulated heavy-duty corrosion protection?

Your lecturer:

Dr. Martin Gerlitz, Huntsman Advanced Materials | Switzerland

János Hajas, Byk-Chemie | Germany

Date: 14 November 2018
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seminar fee: €930 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%)
€837 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%) for subscribers

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