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Thursday, 21 March 2019

European Coatings Seminars 2018



For many years, we have endeavoured through our seminars to prepare you for the challenges facing the international coatings industry. Once again, we are delighted to offer you a programme of training seminars that will help your employees position your company competitively on the market.

There are two new seminars to which I would like to draw your attention. The first will act as a gateway into the exciting, high-value market of 2K industrial coatings. The second will cover radiation curing, which has a particularly bright future ahead of it. For both seminars, we have been able to engage the services of eminent speakers with an exceptional longstanding track record in their respective fields and who enjoy great prestige within the industry.

Whether you attend these new seminars or opt for other, longer-established ones, sharing information with colleagues from companies across Europe is a great way to forge exciting contacts for the future.

11. September 2018 12. September 2018
Waterborne coatings Architectural coatings
Polyurethane coatings                                                                         Radiation curing
2-K industrial coatings Flame retardant coatings

13. November 2018 14. November 2018
Composition of reactive sealants and adhesives Epoxy coatings
Dispersion: Theory and practice in coatings production Functional coatings
Bio-based raw materials Anticorrosive coatings

But that there are plenty of other reasons for you to attend our seminars:

  • Understanding the technical processes enables you to revisit them, modify them or start afresh 
  • Before you can start your new project, you need a foundation of knowledge to build on
  • In these fast-paced times, learning from the experience of others, e.g. our experts, is a key way to help shape the future of paint
  • Get new ideas and acquire latest knowledge to move on with your company
  • Training is an opportunity to question your own work processes and to find ways to optimise them

We look forward to meeting you!

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