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Tuesday, 19 March 2019
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Dispersion: Theory and practice in coatings production

| 13. Nov 2018 |


Snow is falling softly. Gracefully, it settles on the ground, creating a beautiful winter landscape. This is a picturesque scene that fills the observer with delight but fills paint developers with horror when they come to add pigments to their paint. Because it is extremely annoying when the pigments too start to settle, instead of remaining in suspension in the paint can. Few users are able to stir up the coloured sediment after that happens. You will learn the various processes entailed in ensuring that pigments stay suspended in the paint. They all involve wetting, mechanical destruction and stabilizing the flocculation. Which means that a good dispersion will only result if these three points are addressed properly. To fill you with delight too, this seminar will show you how these parameters depend on each other and how they are influenced.

Your key-learnings:

  • How to incorporate pigments and fillers into a coating?
  • What are the fundamentals of pigment wetting and stabilization?
  • How do pigment wetting and dispersing additives work?
  • Which are the different classes of pigment wetting and dispersing additives?
  • What are the different concepts of colouring a coating: direct grind, tinting and full mixing?
  • How to formulate a pigment grind and a pigment concentrate?
  • How to choose the right pigment wetting and dispersing additive?

Practical examples in various coating and ink applications are shown to illustrate the
above-mentioned topics.

Your lecturer: Dr. Hans-Joachim Jacob,Ystral | Germany
Date: 13 November 2018
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seminar fee: €930 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%)
€837 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%) for subscribers

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