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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

European Coatings Academy China


Why you should attend:

Checkmark European expertise
Checkmark Comprehensive training courses with practical background
Checkmark Useful tips from acknowledged European (mainly German) experts
Checkmark Step by step explanation of coatings technology

The Coatings Technology training course is a series of open seminars that have been running very successfully in Germany for more than 20 years. This training course will deliver all you need to know to understand coatings formulation and transfer this knowledge into practice. The course will help you understand coatings formulation thoroughly in order to formulate modern coatings and improve existing formulations.

This modular-based training is the most successful training course in Germany. The course is frequently visited by coatings engineers and participants with a phd or chemical background, because it provides an essential backbone and foundation to understand the formulation of modern, high performance coatings. Furthermore, the course will help you detect challenges and how to solve them.

Well-known coatings manufacturers and raw material suppliers register their employees to this course, even if the employee has several years of experience. Experienced participants register for this course in order to understand industry sections or departments, that they have not worked in before or to develop their skills in their key area.

The complete training ´╗┐course consists of five modules, namely:

Module 1.0

The binder - Backbone of a coating system

Module 2.0

The paint - Raw materials, formulation, manufacturing

Module 3.0

Coating properties and film formation - Know how it works!

Module 4.0

Painting - The right way!

Module 5.0

The coating - Checking, measuring, assessing
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