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Sunday, 23 February 2020
Events, EC TiO2 Forum | Bright, opaque and irreplaceable?

Review 2018


The first European Coatings TiO2 forum was the perfect platform for formulators of high-performance coatings and printing inks in Europe and beyond who look for solutions to get the most out of titanium dioxide.

Titanium dioxide is keeping the paint, coatings and printing ink industry on its toes. With skyrocketing prices, supply shortage and the danger of being classified, it faces a lot of challenges! The forum not only created a platform for experts and formulators to network but also receive updates on existing technologies, latest regulatory issues and exclusive market insights.

Topics covered by experts!

Following topics were covered by experts from Akzo Nobel, Artikol, BASF, Imerys, Karlsruhe, Institute for Technology, Kronos, Lomon Billions, Omya and The Dow Chemical Company, Ystral.

  • Effective use of TiO2
  • Titanium dioxide - the indispensable ingredient - or is it?
  • Optimise cost of flexo inks
  • Highly efficient dispersing of TiO2 based on inline technology
  • Maximising white pigment efficiency with a new class of binders
  • Optimisation of TiO2 pigment distribution based on colloidal interactions
  • Bio-inspired, ultra-thin, and highly scattering white polymer films
  • Functional minerals - improvement of ecological and price performance of paints and coatings
  • Titanium dioxide is needed - get the most out of it



Great start of a new event!


The conference was excellent – in everything from content, organization, breadth of topics and opportunities for professional growth and networking.


Expert speakers from the Industry with very good background, knowledge & experience.


Content of the event was very good.


Thanks for everything. The conference exceeded my expectation. I am happy to have the opportunity to improve my knowledge and to meet the experts!

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