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Saturday, 20 July 2019

EC Technology Forum | Optimising cost and processes in paint formulation

EC Technology Forum | Optimising cost and processes in paint formulation
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Why you should attend

Understand what Industry 4.0 can do for the paint industry and learn which processes are affected and improved
See real world examples with existing technologies
Have a chance to meet many experts in one place and discuss your questions in workshops


The coatings industry is said to be a rather conservative one. But conservative should not mean outdated. This conference helps in the transition phase from conventional to modern coatings manufacturing. What are the challenges in a more and more digitalised and fast-paced world? How can modular or continuous production help to facilitate your demand management and what does it mean for the paint developers?

This EC Technology Forum is meant to be a meeting and working space with presentations and workshops on the above subjects and more. It gives insights into how new technologies and products can work for you as a paint producer and how you can make use of continuous processes. Examples from paint manufacturers, academia and production as well as raw material suppliers will help you see your facility in a different way and you can discuss ways to transform it. The workshops and the breaks are the perfect place to investigate new paths and ideas about how to produce paints.

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