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Wednesday, 30 September 2020
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Conference Programme


6 October | Conference | 10.00 - 17.30 h

10.00-10.15 h                    

Welcome and conference introduction

 Nina Musche, European Coatings Journal, Germany

10.15-11.45 h

Keynote: Building blocks and polymers for coatings based on renewable carbon

Achim Raschka, Nova-Institut, Germany

11.45-12.15 h

Talk 1: Lignin binders for adhesives and printing inks – Bio-based and formaldehyde-free

Dr. Lydia Heinrich, Fraunhofer WKI, Germany

12.15-13.15 h Lunch
13.15-13.45 h

Talk 2: Recent progress on bio-based polyurethane coatings

Eva Tejada, Covestro, Spain

13.45-14.15 h

Talk 3: Searching for green solutions: Recent advances in solvents for polymers

Dr. Anna Zhenova, Green Rose Chemistry, United Kingdom

14.15-14.45 h

Talk 4: How to steer sustainability? – From hands-on-experience to future concepts

Ellen Reuter, Evonik, Germany

14.45-15.15 h

Talk 5: Shellac - a versatile natural polymer for coatings

Manfred Penning, Shellac Consult, Germany

15.15-15.45 h Coffee Break
15.45-16.30 h

Talk 6: From classic coatings to biobased systems: Principles, potentials and optimisation

Elisabeth Moshake, Hobum, Germany

16.30-17.00 h

Talk 7: How standardisation and certification can accelerate the use of bio-based products in the coatings sector

Jarno Dakhorst, Nen, Netherlands

17.00-17.30 h

Talk 8: Bio-based coatings – Modern surface protection with plant-based materials

Dr. Ulla Eggers, Leinos Naturfarben, Germany

17.30 h After-Work Drink

7 October 2020 | Conference | 9.15 - 14.45 h

9.15-9.30 h                      

Welcome and Intro 

Nina Musche, European Coatings Journal, Germany

9.30-10.30 h

Talk 9: Sustainable emulsifiers – meeting market trends with high performance products

Dr. Christian Hubert Weidl & Anne Forst, BASF; Germany

10.30- 11..00 h

Talk 10: Biobased, renewable and biodegradables barrier coatings

Dr. Samir Kopacic, TU Graz, Austria

11.00-11.30 h Coffee Break
11.30-12.15 h

Talk 11: Wishful thinking vs reality check: Possibilities and limits for development of new products based an renewable ressources

Dr. Matthias Hölderle, Alberdingk, Germany

12.15-12.45 h

Talk 12: Plant-based acrylic resins for use in decorative paints

Willem-Jan Soer, DSM, Netherlands

12.45-13.45 h Lunch
13.45-14.15 h

Talk 13: Sustainability in the field of coating additives

Dr. Tina Radespiel, Byk, Germany

14.15-14.45 h

Talk 14: Engineered Polysaccharides: Alpha-1,3-glucan as a performance additive for coating applications

Dr. Christian Lenges, DuPont BioMaterial, United States

  Closing discussion and end of conference


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