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Thursday, 01 October 2020

EC Technology Forum | Bio-based Coatings

Biobased 2020

We are pleased to announce that the European Coatings Technology Forum Bio-based Coatings will take place in Berlin as planned. For us is is important to make this event a great success for you. Learn from the industry experts about newest developments in the field of bio-based coatings and network with colleagues to discuss your most pressing matters. Your well-being is still our highest priority. In order to protect your health and safety we introduced a number of measures together with our partner hotel.

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Our society is very sensitized concerning the environment and the handling of resources. This does not even stop at our industry. For some years now, we have been searching for raw materials based on alternative resources. However, this can also mean a step backwards. Because we come from natural raw materials: Linseed oil, shellac or even turpentine oil have long been standard in the paint industry. New technologies and synthetic resin varnishes made higher quality, better processing and higher availability possible. So back to the roots? Why not - at least in individual cases it can work. But there are also many new approaches to harnessing nature's raw materials.

For example, lignin from paper industry waste can be used or standard basic chemicals can be synthesised from natural raw materials. This conference is intended to provide an insight into current research, but also show available solutions. Meet the experts from industry and research, talk about new approaches and find out about raw materials from nature.

Why you should attend:


Get a clearer picture of the existing bio-based materials


Understand the ongoing research in this field and discover new materials for your bio-based coatings


Meet and discuss the most important issues in the field, like: Yes, of course I want to be bio-based, but what can I expect in performance?


Benefit from all advantages of a face-to-face event and be assured at the same time that your health comes first: We make your stay as convenient and safe as possible and introduced a number of hygiene measures.


The "European Coatings Technology Forum – Turning theory into practice” is not a conference – it is the fastest way to address the challenges in your coatings projects!


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Sponsorship opportunities
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