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Tuesday, 07 April 2020

EC Technology Forum | Bio-based Coatings

Biobased 2020

A world without oil? This is the scenario we are facing in the not too far future. There are already ways to generate energy with different sources, but what about our chemical raw materials? How do we generate those in an oil depleted world? This is what we are looking at in this conference. Bio-based coatings - Facts and Future gives you ideas for alternatives from renewable resources.

Some of them were known and used but have fallen almost into oblivion, like shellac. Others like plant oil-based polymers are an almost everyday guest in our labs. But then there is the question about how sustainable can you be if you take agricultural areas for edibles and transform them into a "production place" for material for the chemical industry? Many research groups in science and the basic industry are working on chemicals deriving from materials being gathered as waste at the production of paper, sugar or wooden panels to overcome this ethical question.

The conference gives an overview on status quo and what to expect next. Meet and discuss with the experts in the workshops and during breaks, listen to presentations around the subject.

Why you should attend:


Get a clearer picture of the existing bio-based materials


Understand the ongoing research in this field and discover new materials for your bio-based coatings


Meet and discuss the most important issues in the field, like: Yes, of course I want to be bio-based, but what can I expect in performance?


No lengthy company introductions, no presentation slides – the hands-on workshops got straight to work on solving your problems. Do products actually deliver the performance they promised?


The "European Coatings Technology Forum – Turning theory into practice” is not a conference – it is the fastest way to address the challenges in your coatings projects!


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