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Thursday, 09 July 2020

EC Regulatory Forum

EC Regulatory Forum
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Why you should attend

Status quo of the proposal to classify TiO2 and REACH restriction of diisocyanates 
Where we go with the BREXIT ahead and its repercussions for chemicals legislation
Insights into chemical management in China and other countries
Latest on food contact legislation


About the forum

One of the key factors shaping the paints, inks and coatings industry at the moment are undoubtedly regulations. While they are often drivers of innovation, they are also connected with many daily challenges for the chemical sector and they can be a drain on your time and resources.  

The European Coatings Regulatory Forum helps you find your way in the maze of topics in chemical legislation that are affecting the paints and coatings industry today. Regulatory experts will discuss poison centres and the looming deadline in January 2020, the current status of a possible restriction of titanium dioxide, the REACH restriction of diisocyanates and many more pressing matters.  

Plus, there will be spotlights on different countries, for example you will learn about chemicals management in China including China GHS and hazardous chemical management. And of course, the elephant in the room – Brexit and its repercussions for chemicals legislation – will be addressed. Another hot issue is food contact which is in the focus of a detailed tutorial that can be booked separately.  

Last but certainly not least, the conference is meant as a meeting point – meet your peers from the coatings, inks and raw material industry and discuss daily regulatory challenges. 

See you in Brussels in November! 

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Bettina Hoffmann
Bettina Hoffmann
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Sponsoring Opportunities

Sponsoring opportunities
Sponsoring opportunities
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