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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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Millennial Lab


Reetta Heiskanen

  • Director of Communications, Brella(an event matchmaking tool)
  • FormerChiefEditor, SLUSH startupevent
  • I'm highly interested in the "talent of the future" topic and I work with this topic constantly through my work. Social matchmaking in recruiting is the big next thing -how to use AI to better harness the most relevant connections and help people find life-altering contacts.

Alexandra Petrova

  • Marketing manager, Fluido(Salesforceconsultingpartner)
  • FormerHeadof Marketing, Hub13 (hackathon organizer)
  • I used to work with the topic of attracting future talent at AIESEC; I have also been one of the founders of the Helsinki Girls in Tech talent mentoring program and I've been invited to moderate a "War for Female Talent" panel by Salesforce Sweden.

Dima Syrotking

  • CEO & Co-founder, Panda Training (coaching employees via Slack/Teams to drive agile and digital transformation
  • I run my own startupand at its peak we've had 15 employees in 3 countries, most of the recruitment was done by me. I am also a friend of the CEO of Finders Seekers, the recruitment company that have recently risen to the stars and might know a thing or two they did right.

Amy Nguyen

  • Co-founder, Headof Operations, VietnameseEntrepreneurshipSocietyin Finland
  • Passionate about venture capital, tech innovations of the 21st century, and inclusion
  • Enjoy public speaking and challenges
  • Been studying/working in Vietnam, Finland, South Korea, and Germany.
  • Love sharing and helping people

Cecilie Sundling

  • Project coordinator, Nordic Youth Association
  • As a female political scientist with a large professional interest in raw materials and technical industries, I understand the attractiveness of the otherwise male-dominated industries
  • In 2018, I completed a mentorship program for female leaders.

Tero Hytönen

  • Choreographer
  • Artist working in organizations at ACE Consulting
  • Marketing manager, Fluido (Salesforceconsultingpartner)
  • The theme of the session is something that I have been interested in for many years now. I have been working in a contexts where we try to find out and understand current cultural changes and how those guide our decisions. I think that my professional artistic background will bring some additional diversity in the session!

Roope Lääkkölä

  • Investment analyst, Vake (The Finnish State Development Company)
  • One area of my current job is developing our employer brand. Previously, I held recruiting presentations and had countless recruiting discussions. Yet another perspective to attracting talent comes from numerous recruiting conversations representing McKinsey, whose bread and butter is hiring the brightest young minds to solve their customers' problems.

Matias Korpisalo

  • Business Developer, If Insurance
  • Board member of VYY Holding –A Vaasa StudenUnion real estate company
  • Reading is something I enjoy. History, social psychology, technology, strategy and work culture are something I strive to understand and know even more about.
  • I love the subject of attracting young talent. As current generations x & y are more and more leaving their current employers, just to get different experience, it is even harder for companies to have a small employee retention.
Leyla Yacine
  • Master Student in Leadership, Business & Sustainability, University of Tampere
  • Writing Master’s Thesis on employee experience
  • My current research endeavour that aims at bettering the employee experience with millennials could be harnessed and enriched through this workshop.
  • At a time when the competition between employers is fierce to attract the talents of the future, it might be good to also question how to retain them.
Tahvo Kekkonen
  • Talent acquisition specialist, Hilti Group
  • My responsibilities include: Strategic talent acquisition,talent sourcing,interviewing and assessing candidates,andemployer branding
  • On my spare time I love training mixed martial arts and triathlon. I'm also starting my own business focusing on helping others with job search and Linkedin.
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