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Monday, 18 November 2019

EC Leading Women's Forum

EC Leading Women's Forum

Why you should attend

Meet 10 millennials during the Millennial Lab and work on your talent management strategy
Visit of Teknos production site and training center
Update on current legal challenges and what could come next
Discuss with other leaders if paint can save humanity
Driving growth via M&A - why finding the right target is an art
Learn how jobsharing on VP level can work


About the Forum

The Leading Women's Forum is THE business network for leading women in the global coatings industry. 

The first Leading Women's Forum took place at Family Murjahn's Old Vineyard in Forst, Germany from 15 to 16 February 2018 and welcomed 30 participants.

Besides a variety of presentations on topics such as

  • "Family culture driving value creation”
    (by Dr. Ralf Murjahn, DAW)
  • "Women in the chemical industry - the gender diversity challenge"
    (by Paul Harnick, KPMG)
  • "Disaster – One morning it simply happened: Field report of our plant fire on 8 February 2017
    (by Sabrina Kunz, ACC Beku)
  • "How to handle leadership and company culture during a merger”
    (by Paula Salastie, Teknos)

the participants also intensively discussed, future challenges and how to attract talents to the coatings industry.

During the Coatings Summit a smaller delegation of the female network met in Paris to discuss the major topic of stustainability, which will be continued during the next forum in Helsinki.

Participants praised the interactive forum programme and the various networking opportunities. No ice-breaker was necessary to connect the group and the atmopshere was characterized by an open approach.

The next Leading Women´s Forum will take place in Helsinki from 12-14 February 2020 and will be hosted by Paula Salastie (Teknos).


Global Female Leaders in coatings and paints should not miss the Leading Women's Forum, because it provides a unique opportunity to network and connect.

Gloria Glang, VP & Head of Global Advanced Surface Solutions Business, Clariant, CH

Paula Salastie_bw

This event is a unique opportunity to start something new, learn, share and network with the most influential women in coatings business.

Paula Salastie, CEO & Owner, Teknos, FI


This is the perfect time and place to bring women in the coatings industry together to make industry connections for personal and professional growth, increase the visibility of women in the coatings industry and share valuable tips for success.

Dr. Ralf Murjahn, Owner, DAW  & Host of the Leading Women's Forum, DE
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Lena Witte
Lena Witte
Event Manager
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Event summary
Event summary
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