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Monday, 13 July 2020

EC LIVE | Special Edition October 2019 | Poison Centres

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Explore the editorial online feature of the European Coatings Journal. This month, we have special edition of our monthly web event and will give you a preview of what to expect when you attend the EC Regulatory Forum in Brussels at the end of November!


24 October 2019, 15:00 h CET


Poison Centres


Caroline Raine, NCEC, UK


The regulations for poison centre notification within Europe for organisations putting hazardous mixtures on the market are complex and difficult to achieve. These regulations are made more complicated due to the implementation of Annex VIII of CLP, which affects notifications from 2020 but does not excuse organisations from notifying their products today, which is currently a legislative requirement. This session will review the regulations now, and in the future, what organisations should do. Caroline will outline the best process to follow to develop a strategic ‘battle plan’ to complete notifications, taking into account risk of enforcement, cost of notification, implications on Intellectual Property, etc.

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