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Wednesday, 11 December 2019

EC LIVE | Architectural coatings

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Explore the editorial online feature of the European Coatings Journal. This month, we have special edition of our monthly web event and will give you a preview of what to expect when you attend the EC Regulatory Forum in Brussels at the end of November!


28 January 2020, 15:00 h CET


Flawless finish – now with greater resistance. Film-forming binder technology to drive performance in low-sheen paints.


Dr. Partha Majumdar, Dow Coating Materials, PA, USA


There is an unmet need in the decorative coatings market for a paint system that combines the resistance properties of a high-sheen paint such as semi-gloss or satin with the appearance and application benefits of a flat/matt paint. Durable matt resin is a film-forming binder technology that can achieve these competing needs through a straightforward formulation approach.

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