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Sunday, 07 June 2020
Events, EC Colour Technology of Coatings 2020

Module 1 | Introduction to colour technology

3 - 4 February 2020 | Stuttgart, Germany

Colours are much more than just red, yellow or blue. Anyone who works in the paint industry really ought to know a little more about them. And this module provides the foundation for exactly that. You will learn how colours are created and how the human perception of colour is derived. You will also find out what standard colour values are, how to avoid metamerism and what the meaning of these terms is in the first place.

Colour measurement and possible problems will also be dealt with, including the influence of surface on the results of reflection measurements and the various types of measuring geometries.

Your key-learnings:

  • How are colours created? How does the human eye perceive colours?
  • What is light: dispersion of light: additive and subtractive colour mixing
  • What are tristimulus colour values?
  • What is metamerism and how can it be avoided?
  • What is the CIE colour system?
  • How does the colour distance calculation work?
  • How to measure plain colours?
  • Which measurement geometry is used for what problem?
  • What influence does the surface have on the results of reflection measurements?
  • What is reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, scattering, absorption?
  • What is the Kubelka-Munk theory?

Your lecturers:

Dr. Stephan Gauss | Clariant, Germany

Dr. Uwe Hempelmann | Lanxess, Germany

Registration fees:

1.670 € Standard fee
1.505 € reduced fee for subscribers of European Coatings Journal | European Coatings 360°
2.495 € Compact Course - Module 1 & 2

Prices are net, exclusive of German VAT (current rate 19%)

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