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Saturday, 28 March 2020
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Flame Retardant coatings

23 September 2020

A burning topic

The devastating Grenfell Tower fire in London made the headlines all over the world. It was a horrible example of what can happen if fire protection is not taken seriously. Fire retardant coatings are one important building block to avoid or at least minimise disasters like that.

As a participant in this seminar, you will discover how flame retardant coatings can have life-saving properties. Time is of essence here and you will learn how to gain some discover the underlying chemistries and different technologies. This Seminar provides a comprehensive overview of current European fire standards and laws.

Your key-learnings:

  • Why do we need flame retardants?
  • What different types of chemical flame retardants are there?
  • How do various flame retardants work?
  • Which halogenated flame retardants are still permitted?
  • Which flame retardants that form insulating layers are available and how do they work?
  • How are fire tests carried out?
  • Which fire protection coating is suitable for which substrate?
  • Which components are key to a formulation?
  • What are the latest trends in fire protection coatings?
  • Which systems are suitable for use in thin layers?

Your lecturers: Dr. Christian Schmidt, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) | Germany
Dr. Klaus Bender, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) | Germany
Date: 23 September 2020 | 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seminar fee: € 980 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%)
€ 882 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%) for subscribers

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