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Monday, 06 April 2020
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Anticorrosive pigments

21 October 2020

Fine particles with a big effect

There are many seminars around corrosion protection in general, but hardly any focussing one of the most important ingredients in the formulation: the anti-corrosive pigments. They play a key role in every formulation and should be looked at more carefully when starting a new formulation or improving others.

The seminar gives insights into the different chemistries, ways to formulate and what is important to understand when processing the materials. What is the correct combination for a water-borne primer vs. a 100 % epoxy system? Are potential defects pigment related? Last but not least, what are the latest innovations in the field.

Your key-learnings

  • Different options for anti-corrosive pigments and combinations
  • How to properly formulate with them
  • What are the different approaches for various polymer systems
  • Necessities water-borne vs. solvent-borne vs. 100 % systems
  • Understanding pigment-related defects and how to troubleshoot

Your lecturer: Alexander Belkin, Heubach | Germany
Date: 21 October 2020 | 9 am to 5 pm
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seminar fee: € 980 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%)
€ 882 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%) for subscribers

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