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Wednesday, 24 April 2019
Events, EC Coatings Intensive 2019 May

Practical rheology

| 21 - 22 May 2019 |

Go with the flow

The science of flow and deformation. This is usually how experts define rheology. But more important than the definition of this particular field of physics or physical chemistry is its practical value to the coatings industry. To understand rheology is to have inside information about both the flow behaviour of a liquid and the deformation behaviour of solids. Knowledge of how to influence rheological properties and naturally of how to measure them is key to developing paints and coatings that match your customers’ needs. In this seminar you learn about the rheological properties of paints, gain an insight into the methods used to measure viscosity and learn how to create rheological requirement profiles. This will help you to formulate better paint systems in the future.

Your key-learnings:

  • Why is rheology so important?
  • What role does rheology play in the dispersing process?
  • How does rheology change during the formulating process?
  • How can the viscosity be determined inexpensively, quickly and reliably?
  • How can flow behaviour in water-borne systems be controlled?
  • How can rheological additives be used selectively and effectively?
  • Which rheological additives should be used for which application?
  • How do various binders affect flow behaviour?

Your lecturers: Frank Abschlag, Elementis | Germany
Dr. Klaus Oldörp, ThermoFischer | Germany
Date: 21 - 22 May 2019
Venue: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seminar fee: €1.255 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%)
€1.130 (Dutch VAT has to be added, current rate 21%) for subscribers

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