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Monday, 05 December 2016
Waterborne coatings

Everything about the most important coatings technology. Don`t miss any trend and new development on waterborne coatings

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17 Nov 16
Predicting flow-levelling and sag resistance of waterborne architectural paints

A study by researchers from Asian Paints Limited focusses on developing an empirical rheology limit to predict the flow-levelling and sag resistance of waterborne paints.

15 Sep 15
Understanding the role of polymers in drying processes

Colloidal dispersions in polymer solution are important material systems in coating and printing applications.

7 Sep 15
Preparing an epoxy-modified tung oil waterborne insulation varnish

A study aimed to develop a novel epoxy-modified tung oil waterborne insulation varnish with blocked hexamethylene diisocyanate as a curing agent.

24 Aug 15
Waterborne acrylic-casein latexes as eco-friendly binders for coatings

The use of casein as renewable resource to produce eco-friendly hybrid latexes has an increasing importance in industrial applications especially for high performance waterborne coatings.

14 Jul 15
Preparing silane as comonomer for waterborne traffic-marking paints

Styrenesulfonyltrimethoxysilylpropyl thioether (STEP) was synthesised as a silane containing comonomer for preparation of environmentally friendly waterborne traffic-marking paint, which has fast dry, abrasion resistance, and long term durability.

30 Sep 14
Preparing polythiophene-containing waterborne coatings for steel

Polythiophene microspheres can be well dispersed to be utilised in waterborne corrosion protection coatings.

14 May 14
Preparing hybrid dispersions for VOC-free waterborne coatings

Waterborne hybrid alkyd-acrylic dispersions were characterised by Tunisian researchers from University of Sfax.

12 May 14
Boosting the performance of waterborne coatings

A study describes the efficient use of waterborne hard-polymeric nanoparticles to improve properties of waterborne coatings.

10 Dec 13
Fatty acids improve crosslinking in waterborne acrylic coatings

Acrylic waterborne coatings free of volatile coalescing agents were produced and characterized by a team of Portuguese researchers.

44 item(s) for Waterborne coatings
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