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Friday, 22 June 2018
UV/EB Coatings

News on novel developments and current trends in the field of radiation curing for different applications.

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25 May 18
Efficient matting of UV-coatings

It can be difficult to obtain matt finishes with 100% solids UV curable coatings. A recent article describes different matting agents and explains what other formulation variables are important.

24 Nov 17
Photochemical behaviour of fluorinated photoinitiators

In a study, the photochemical behaviour of two fluorinated photoinitiators was investigated.

19 Oct 17
Controlling the adhesion strength of photo-responsive adhesives

Researchers from Florida State University have developed a facile method to control the adhesion strength of photo-responsive bio-inspired adhesives via a photocleavable crosslinker.

13 Oct 17
Developing acrylated soybean oil-based UV-curable coatings

The combination of biomass and UV curing technology can reduce the dependence on petroleum products and VOC emissions. In an article, a new environment-friendly UV-curable coating with good performance was prepared from acrylated soybean oil.

5 Oct 17
Electrically conductive palm oil-based coating with UV curing ability

The aim of a study was to produce an electrically conductive environmentally friendly coating based on palm oil with UV curing ability.

3 Jul 17
Effect of UVA photocatalysis on soot-coated TiO2-containing mortars

If diesel soot is deposited on buildings, colour changes and unwanted black crusts can occur. A remedy is provided by self-cleaning systems based on TiO2 coatings. Can the irradiation of UVA light further improve the effect?

11 May 17
Preparation of UV-curable waterborne polyurethane-acrylate emulsions

Researchers at Tianjin University, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, have studied the molecular structure of UV curable waterborne polyurethane acrylate (UV-WPUA) emulsions. The investigation showed in particular three outstanding properties.

22 Mar 17
Enhancing the stability of UV-curable thiol/vinyl carbonate resins

In a study, Austrian researchers evaluated the effect of various stabiliser systems on low-cytotoxic thiol/vinyl carbonate formulations with the aim to inhibit premature dark polymerisation reactions.

7 Mar 17
High bio-content natural plant oil based UV-curable branched oligomers

A new, green approach to improve the performance and biorenewable content of natural plant oil based UV-curable materials is presented by researchers from North Dakota State University.

83 item(s) for UV/EB Coatings
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