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Sunday, 29 November 2015
Powder coatings

Find out about current developments in the field of powder coatings: novel coatings binders, novel coatings additives, new applications.

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22 May 15
Qualisteelcoat approval for Oxyplast

The Belgian powder coating producer Protech-Oxyplast has received the Qualisteelcoat certificate for their two-coat system on Sendzimir steel.

24 Apr 15
Characterising filled powders for powder coating of paper

The purpose of a study was to evaluate the feasibility of using highly filled powders with 100 parts per weight of calcium carbonate and 10 parts per weight of polymer, acting as binder, as electrostatically applied paper coatings.

16 Apr 15
Developing powder paints with insect repellent activity

Mosquitos are one of the biggest carriers of infectious diseases for human beings.

20 Mar 15
Powder coating can reflect up to 30 percent more light

A new ultra-reflective powder coating can increase the effective output of commercial lighting fixtures by up to 30 percent.

4 Mar 15
Investigating the finish quality of automotive powder coatings

A research project investigated the finish quality of thermosetting automotive powder coatings in terms of appearance, adhesion and chip resistance.

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19 Jan 15
Comparing the scratch resistance of thermosetting powder coatings

The knowledge of the coating properties in terms of scratch and wear resistance is extremely important to prevent severe damage.

15 Sep 14
Producing powder coatings with new coatings binders

A new one-pot method for the melt synthesis of polyarylates based on resorcinol and phthalic acids has been developed.

11 Sep 14
Polyurethane powder coatings contain polysiloxane

In a study, a Polish researcher proposed a method of the synthesis of polyisocyanates containing polysiloxane.

13 Jun 14
Modified silica particles enhance the adhesion of powder coatings on steel

Spain researchers investigated the addition of organo-modified silica particles (OSP) to organic monolayer coatings as an alternative to primers in galvanised steel substrates.

34 item(s) for Powder coatings
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