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Saturday, 18 November 2017
Functional coatings

Don´t miss any trends and news about functional coatings including anti-icing, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprinting, self-healing and easy-to-clean.

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14 Nov 17
Synthetic microspheres for antireflective coatings

Since the early discovery of the antireflection properties of insect compound eyes, new examples of natural antireflective coatings have been rare. In a study, researchers report the fabrication and optical characterisation of a biologically inspired antireflective surface.

13 Nov 17
Superhydrophobic coating with multiscale structures

To obtain a superhydrophobic surface with hierarchical micro/nanostructures, two kinds of SiO2 nanoparticles with different sizes were embedded into crosslinked silanised polyacrylate. The developed coatings showed three outstanding characteristics.

10 Nov 17
Thermally assisted self-healing polyurethane containing carboxyl groups

Self-healing polymers are a kind of intelligent materials with the capability to repair damage automatically. In a paper, a type of polyurethane containing carboxyl groups that demonstrates thermally assisted healing effects is reported.

3 Nov 17
Tunable superhydrophobic surfaces and their impact on ice mitigation

In a review, the fundamental wetting properties of solid surfaces and superhydrophobic surfaces in particular are described.

23 Oct 17
Strong and efficient self-healing adhesives

Self-healing adhesives are materials with remarkable practical potential for long-term adhesion. However, reports are extremely limited because it is difficult to meet high strength and efficient self-healing properties. A new versatile method overcomes this bottleneck.

15 Sep 17
Switching from superhydrophobicity to underwater superoleophobicity

Smart surfaces with switchable water/oil wettability has great research and application value. In a paper, scientists present transparent smart surfaces with pH-responsive water wettability in air and oil wettability in water via grafting pH-responsive block copolymers on an inverse opal film.

13 Sep 17
Plant leaves delay ice formation

A research work reveals that kale leaves have special surface microstructures delaying the ice formation initiation making them good candidates for designing ice-repellent coatings.

7 Sep 17
Overcoming a variety of substrates

Scientists have investiged the adhesion mechanisms of ticks. On the basis of their experiments conclusions can be drawn about the equipment of future technical surfaces with anti-adhesion effect.

30 Aug 17
Could fungi repair cracks in concrete?

The goal of a study was to explore a new self-healing concept in which fungi are used as self-healing agent to promote calcium mineral precipitation to fill the cracks in concrete.

211 item(s) for Functional coatings
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