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Tuesday, 07 July 2015
Functional coatings

Don´t miss any trends and news about functional coatings including anti-icing, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprinting, self-healing and easy-to-clean.

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15 Jun 15
Diamond-like coatings save fuel

Coating engine components with hard carbon reduces friction to almost zero – a development that could save billions of liters of fuel worldwide every year.

8 Jun 15
Novel mussel-inspired strategy toward superhydrophobic surfaces

Current available superhydrophobic modification techniques that utilise mussel-inspired polydopamine (pDA) to construct hierarchical structures require the addition of nanoparticles or the usage of a high concentration of dopamine.

28 May 15
Easy-to-clean multifunctional coatings by sol-gel processing

In a paper, sol-gel-based transparent easy-to-clean (ETC) coatings are fabricated using organic-inorganic hybrid precursors and fluorinated silane-based hydrophobic surfactants.

19 May 15
Superhydrophobic glass coating offers clear benefits

A moth’s eye and lotus leaf were the inspirations for a superhydrophobic glass coating that holds potential for solar panels, lenses, detectors, windows, weapons systems and other products.

13 May 15
Self-roughened superhydrophobic coatings for oil-water separation

Chinese researchers have investigated self-roughened superhydrophobic coatings for continuous oil-water separation.

27 Mar 15
Surface-modified nanoparticles endow coatings with combined properties

Nanoparticles are specifically adapted to the particular application by Small Molecule Surface Modification (SMSM).

19 Mar 15
Functional coatings: researchers develop self-cleaning paint using titanium dioxide nanoparticles

A team led by researchers from University College London (UCL) has developed a new paint that makes robust self-cleaning surfaces.

10 Mar 15
Graphene, the wonder material, goes textile

A surface coating sets new standards for personal protective equipment (PPE).

6 Mar 15
Evaluating self-healing efficiency in cementitious materials

During the last decade, self-healing of concrete has attracted so much attention in the research community as a promising tool toward more durable and sustainable infrastructures.

160 item(s) for Functional coatings
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