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Saturday, 27 May 2017
Functional coatings

Don´t miss any trends and news about functional coatings including anti-icing, anti-fouling, anti-fingerprinting, self-healing and easy-to-clean.

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26 May 17
Novel antimicrobial technology acts like a cactus

In coating applications there is an increasing need for safe protection against bacteria, algae and fungi, and to avoid poor appearance for example on bathroom and exterior walls. A new coatings technology acts like a cactus.

22 May 17
Biofilms: Bacteria harness the lotus effect to protect themselves

Antibacterial coatings are intended to prevent the formation of biofilms. A team of scientists has now been able to show how such biofilms are generated and why removing them from surfaces is often difficult.

10 May 17
Anti-icing potential of petal shaped nanostructures planted on array micro-patterns

The aim of a paper was to report a strategy of planting a layer of petal shaped nanostructures on the surface of array micro-patterns, and producing excellent superhydrophobicity and anti-icing properties. A comparative investigation with a market mature product yielded remarkable results.

26 Apr 17
Studying polyacrylic latex coatings with self-cleaning properties

A transparent, industrial and cost effective coating with self-cleaning properties for indoor and outdoor applications based on a water-based polyacrylic emulsion was prepared using TiO2/polyaniline nanocomposite.

12 Apr 17
Designing self-healing superhydrophobic surfaces with ultra durability

A self-healing, water-repellent, spray-on coating developed at the University of Michigan is hundreds of times more durable than its counterparts, according to the researchers.

17 Feb 17
Self-healing hydrogel based on surfactant-free hydrophobic association

Self-healing hydrogels are attractive for a variety of applications including coatings. A paper describes the facile preparation of an autonomous self-healing hydrogel comprising surfactant-free hydrophobic associations.

2 Feb 17
Increasing the stability of self-healing polymer networks

German researchers from Friedrich Schiller University Jena and Leibniz Institute for Photonic Technology have utilised a reversible thiol-ene click reaction to design novel self-healing polymers.

9 Jan 17
Stimuli-responsive polymers and their applications

Responsive polymer-based materials are capable of altering their chemical and/or physical properties upon exposure to external stimuli.

7 Dec 16
Backbone-degradable polymers prepared by chemical vapour deposition

A team of international researchers demonstrate, for the first time, a backbone-degradable polymer directly synthesised via chemical vapour deposition (CVD).

185 item(s) for Functional coatings
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