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Monday, 05 December 2016

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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1 Dec 16
Graphene-based inks for flexible and wearable electronics

A method for producing conductive cotton fabrics using graphene-based inks opens up new possibilities for flexible and wearable electronics, without the use of expensive and toxic processing steps.

30 Nov 16
Cleaning effectiveness of anti-graffiti protected surfaces

A comparative study by Portugese researchers evaluates the effectiveness of anti-graffiti protected surfaces cleaning with various graffiti paints.

29 Nov 16
Environmental friendly alternative to oil oxidation for the preparation of fatty coatings

In the quest for green and friendly processes in polymer chemistry, French researchers report a new process for bio-based coatings as an attractive alternative to the common drying of oils.

28 Nov 16
Antifogging surface facilitated by nanoscale coatings with controllable hydrophobicity

Antifogging and frost-resistant coatings can be used in a wide range of applications and enable high light transmission through substrates even under changes in environmental conditions. In a study, Australian researchers generate nanoscale antifogging surfaces.

25 Nov 16
Developments in the application of chemical approaches to rubberised asphalt

Although rubberised asphalt has more than a 50-year history, it has not been widely adopted due to difficulties with its processability, unstable properties and high initial cost.

21 Nov 16
Ice is no match for new coating

Colorado State University researchers have created an environmentally friendly, inexpensive, long-lasting coating that could keep everything from cars and ships to planes and power lines ice-free.

18 Nov 16
Utilising waste glass in translucent and photocatalytic concrete

An article by researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology addresses the development of a translucent and air purifying concrete containing waste glass.

17 Nov 16
Predicting flow-levelling and sag resistance of waterborne architectural paints

A study by researchers from Asian Paints Limited focusses on developing an empirical rheology limit to predict the flow-levelling and sag resistance of waterborne paints.

16 Nov 16
Characterising superhydrophobic epoxy coatings embedded by new nanomaterials

Superhydrophobic surfaces attracted great attention to protect different substrates from water, dust and corrosive environment. 

655 item(s) for Technologies
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