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Thursday, 19 January 2017

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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18 Jan 17
Renewably sourced phenolic resins from lignin bio-oil

Traditional lignin pyrolysis generates a bio-oil with a complex mixture of alkyl-functionalised guaiacol and syringol monomers that have limited utility to completely replace phenol in resins.

17 Jan 17
Review on surface treatment for concrete

There are variety of surface treatments used for concrete structures protection. A paper presents a review of the effect of surface treatments on mechanical properties and durability concrete, and the durability of treatment materials themselves.

16 Jan 17
Synthesis of photochemically driven polymeric network formation

Polymeric networks have been intensely investigated and a large number of applications have been found in areas ranging from biomedicine to materials science.

13 Jan 17
Biodegradable resin for adhesives and coatings

Researchers have patented the first plant-based resin of its kind that would be ideal for tapes, labels and other adhesive uses. It also can provide shiny coatings.

11 Jan 17
Flame retardancy of photocured epoxy acrylate based coatings

In a work the synergistic effect of a nitrogen and phosphorus containing reactive monomer on the flame retardancy of photocured epoxy acrylate based coatings was investigated.

9 Jan 17
Stimuli-responsive polymers and their applications

Responsive polymer-based materials are capable of altering their chemical and/or physical properties upon exposure to external stimuli.

4 Jan 17
Solar spectral performance of nanopigments

Solar spectral behaviour of nanopigments has been an important issue in many practical relevance due to their tunable properties.

3 Jan 17
New coatings for dental implants prevent potential bacterial infection

Researchers are developing coatings for dental implants to provide them with capabilities to ensure success when they are implanted.

23 Dec 16
Graffiti for science - determining erosion rates via painting

The determination of the spatial distribution of erosive processes is difficult. This is why to date there are only few data available, especially on millimeter scale. In a study, scientists show how erosive processes can be visualised by simple painting.

671 item(s) for Technologies
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