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Friday, 27 February 2015
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25 Feb 15
Copolymerising wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne coatings

Additives are very crucial in any paint formulation, as they play a significant role during various stages, when incorporated in a small amount.

17 Feb 15
Call for Papers – FEICA 2015 European Adhesive & Sealant Conference and Expo

FEICA is pleased to invite experts to share their knowledge with an international audience of industry leaders at the 2015 Conference, which takes place in Vilamoura, Portugal, from 9 until 11 September 2015.

16 Feb 15
Using chitosan as potent candidate for green adhesive market

Chitosan has gained significant attention during last decades as a potent natural adhesive. Its lower concentrations (<10% w/v) offer competitive strength as synthetic adhesives which would reduce economic constrains of adhesive production.

13 Feb 15
Functional coatings: Exploiting microscale roughness on superhydrophobic copper surfaces

The ability to sustain dropwise condensation for efficient heat transport by vapor-to-liquid phase change is of great interest for thermal management, power generation, and water-harvesting applications.

11 Feb 15
Electrochromic polymers create coatings that change colour

Artists, print designers and interieur decorators have long had access to a broad palette of paint and ink colours for their work.

4 Feb 15
Worms lead way to test nanoparticle toxicity

The lowly roundworm is the star of a research project to measure the toxicity of nanoparticles.

3 Feb 15
New conductive coatings for flexible touchscreens

Mobile phones and smart phones still haven‘t been adapted to the carrying habits of their users.

2 Feb 15
Researchers design tailored tissue adhesives

Glue can be modified for optimal performance in different types of diseased tissue.

30 Jan 15
Spiky “hedgehog particles” make paints safer

A new process that can sprout microscopic spikes on nearly any type of particle may lead to more environmentally friendly paints and a variety of other innovations.

421 item(s) for Technologies
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