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Sunday, 31 July 2016

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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29 Jul 16
Synthesis of chitosan capped CuO nanoleaves and their application in antifouling coatings

Indian researchers synthesised chitosan capped cupper oxide nanoleaves by high intensity ultrasound. To investigate the antifouling effiency, they blended the nanoleaves with commercial polyurethane paints.

28 Jul 16
Water-resistant thanks to a biofilm

Moisture can destroy mortar over time – for example when cracks form as a result of frost. A team of scientists has found an unusual way to protect mortar from moisture.

27 Jul 16
Second edition of "Coatings from A - Z" launched

The compact technical lexicon "Coatings from A - Z" by Paolo Nanetti is published in the second revised edition.

26 Jul 16
New surface coatings for food facilities hold promise for food safety

One of the keys to preventing food-borne illness and food waste is making sure that the surfaces at production facilities remain free of contamination between scheduled cleanings.

21 Jul 16
Characterising lightweight mortars containing wood processing by-products waste

In a study wood processing by-products were used by replacing natural sand for producing lightweight mortars.

5 Jul 16
Recycling of dimensional stone waste in concrete

A paper by Indian researchers reviews the applicability of dimensional stone waste in concrete.

4 Jul 16
New low gloss powder coatings based on acrylic solid resins and nanoadditives

A project by research partners from UK and Greece envisages the development of novel, advanced polymer-based raw and composite materials as well as processing and production technologies, towards new families of powder coatings.

1 Jul 16
New 2C adhesive for e-motors

A new two-component adhesive provides flexibility and reliability in the production of electric motors in a medium temperature range.

28 Jun 16
Pollen on clothing – biofunctional coatings reduce allergen load

Two biofunctional coating materials and new test set up for pollen adhesion/repellence may offer hay fever sufferers relief when using every day textiles.

596 item(s) for Technologies
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