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Monday, 20 February 2017

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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17 Feb 17
Self-healing hydrogel based on surfactant-free hydrophobic association

Self-healing hydrogels are attractive for a variety of applications including coatings. A paper describes the facile preparation of an autonomous self-healing hydrogel comprising surfactant-free hydrophobic associations.

16 Feb 17
Anti-icing coatings reduce damage caused by ice

Thanks to novel water-repelling micro- and nanostructured coatings, wind turbines remains ice-free. These functional surfaces are also interesting for aircraft wings, winter sport clothing and solar panels.

15 Feb 17
Preparing polysiloxane-ether-urethane-acrylic hybrid emulsions

Polysiloxane-ether-urethane-acrylic hybrid emulsions were prepared by introducing different polydimethylsiloxane content into the acrylic-terminated backbone and then in situ copolymerising with methylmethacrylate and butylacrylate via emulsion process.

10 Feb 17
Waterborne polyurethanes with a novel emulsifier derived from sunflower oil

A renewable, green and scalable dihydroxy acid was synthesised from sunflower oil and applied as a chain extender in the preparation of waterborne polyurethanes.

3 Feb 17
A bioinspired elastin-based protein for a cytocompatible underwater adhesive

The development of adhesives that can be applied and create strong bonds underwater is a significant challenge for materials engineering.

27 Jan 17
Bioinspired photocontrollable microstructured transport device

Adhesive mechanisms in the natural world, as used by geckos when they walk upside down on the ceiling, have many advantages: They are always strongly adhesive - without any glues or residues. Scientists are researching how these mechanisms can be artificially created.

25 Jan 17
Probing ways to turn cement’s weakness to strength

Concrete isn’t thought of as a plastic, but plasticity at small scales boosts concrete’s utility as the world’s most-used material by letting it constantly adjust to stress, decades and sometimes even centuries after hardening. Researchers are a step closer to understanding why.

24 Jan 17
Applications of using nano material in concrete

Nowadays, the application of nano materials has received numerous attentions to enhance the conventional properties of concrete. A review paper presents the advantages and benefits of those materials.

18 Jan 17
Renewably sourced phenolic resins from lignin bio-oil

Traditional lignin pyrolysis generates a bio-oil with a complex mixture of alkyl-functionalised guaiacol and syringol monomers that have limited utility to completely replace phenol in resins.

680 item(s) for Technologies
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