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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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15 Jun 18
Antimicrobial coating of cotton

Recently sceintists developed a green and facile approach to durable antimicrobial coating of cotton by using silver nanoparticles, whey protein, and natural tannin.

13 Jun 18
New accelerated corrosion test

Scientists have proposed a new cyclic corrosion test (CCT) for evaluating corrosion resistance of anti-corrosion coatings.

8 Jun 18
Akzo Nobel announces 2018 Imagine Chemistry winners

A group of  ten start-ups and chemical researchers will see their ideas move a step closer to commercialization after being named winners of the 2018 edition of Akzo Nobel Specialty Chemicals’ "Imagine Chemistry" challenge.

5 Jun 18
Self–healing capability of epoxy coatings

Recently scientists investigated the self-healing capability of inhibitor-encapsulating polyvinyl alcohol/polyvinylidene fluoride coaxial nanofibers loaded in epoxy resin coatings.

4 Jun 18
Hydrophobic anti-scratch coatings on glass

A new study deals with the facile design and fabrication of highly transparent and hydrophobic coatings on glass with anti-scratch property via surface dewetting.

30 May 18
ACQ effect in fluorescent materials

Recently scienstis presented a novel approach to study and solve the aggregation caused quench (ACQ) effect in traditional fluorescent materials.

28 May 18
Bio-based poly(hydroxyurethane) glues for metal substrates

A new study shows that Bio- and CO2-based high performance thermoset poly(hydroxyurethane) (PHU) glues can be a sustainable alternative to coventional glues.

25 May 18
UV-cured hard coatings on plastic substrates

In a recently published paper scientists prepared UV-cured spironaphthooxazine/silica/polyacrylate photochromic hard coatings on plastic substrates.

25 May 18
Efficient matting of UV-coatings

It can be difficult to obtain matt finishes with 100% solids UV curable coatings. A recent article describes different matting agents and explains what other formulation variables are important.

857 item(s) for Technologies
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