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Saturday, 27 May 2017

News on coatings technologies from waterborne to nanotechnology and UV/EB. Don´t miss any trend!

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26 May 17
Novel antimicrobial technology acts like a cactus

In coating applications there is an increasing need for safe protection against bacteria, algae and fungi, and to avoid poor appearance for example on bathroom and exterior walls. A new coatings technology acts like a cactus.

25 May 17
Polymer latexes with varied glass transition temperature for cement

The influence of styrene-acrylate latexes with varied glass transition temperature (Tg) on the cement hydration was analysed in a research work.

23 May 17
Microwave curing of silicone resin coatings

Microwave  processing was used to cure a sol-gel type silicone resin coating that normally requires thermal curing over 250 °C. The study focused on coatings applied on thermoplastic substrates.

22 May 17
Biofilms: Bacteria harness the lotus effect to protect themselves

Antibacterial coatings are intended to prevent the formation of biofilms. A team of scientists has now been able to show how such biofilms are generated and why removing them from surfaces is often difficult.

17 May 17
Waterborne coatings with fungal growth resistance

How effective are antimicrobial additives in water-based coatings? This question has been pursued by South American researchers in a study.

11 May 17
Preparation of UV-curable waterborne polyurethane-acrylate emulsions

Researchers at Tianjin University, School of Chemical Engineering and Technology, have studied the molecular structure of UV curable waterborne polyurethane acrylate (UV-WPUA) emulsions. The investigation showed in particular three outstanding properties.

10 May 17
Anti-icing potential of petal shaped nanostructures planted on array micro-patterns

The aim of a paper was to report a strategy of planting a layer of petal shaped nanostructures on the surface of array micro-patterns, and producing excellent superhydrophobicity and anti-icing properties. A comparative investigation with a market mature product yielded remarkable results.

9 May 17
Replacing phenol in adhesive formulations with lignin

Lignin, produced as a byproduct of pulp and paper and bioethanol industries, is a polyphenolic compound that has excellent potential to be used as phenol replacement in phenolic adhesive formulation.

4 May 17
Triple protection for heat-exchangers

When processing milk and juice, the food industry is using heat exchangers throughout the process. To have no risk to the consumers, they have to be free from microbes. A novel nano-coating combines three advantages.

716 item(s) for Technologies
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