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Monday, 08 February 2016
Coatings binders

Current trends and developments on coatings binders for different application areas.

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20 Jan 16
New grinding resin lowers VOC content in pigment concentrates

A new grinding resin lowers the VOC content in pigment concentrates and coatings formulations.

18 Jan 16
Toughening of photo-curable polymer networks

Photo-curable resins based on multifunctional acrylate monomers are commonly applied as thin films (e.g. protective coatings, printing inks, etc.) and in recent years are also used for the fabrication of bulk objects such as dental fillings and 3D-printed parts.

15 Jan 16
Improving cardanol derived epoxy coatings

Commercial epoxidised cardanol, from cashew nutshell liquid (CNSL), is a biobased reactant with interesting aromatic structure.

15 Jan 16
New water soluble polymer for water resistant coatings

A new polymer on the basis of a trick used by mussels has been developed by the Wageningen PhD student Juan Yang. The polymer should be able to let water-based paint flow better and produce water resistant coatings.

29 Dec 15
Bio-based polyurethanes for environment-friendly coating systems

Bio-based polyurethane (PU) coatings have been used extensively from last few decades and replaced petrochemical based coating due to their lower environmental impact, easy availability, low cost and biodegradability.

3 Nov 15
Influence of crosslinking functionality on heterogeneities in polymer networks

Crosslinked polymer formation commonly occurs when two or more multi-functional precursors react to form a three-dimensional network.

21 Sep 15
Novel alkyd-type coating resins produced using cationic polymerisation

Novel, partially bio-based poly(vinyl ether) copolymers derived from soybean oil and cyclohexyl vinyl ether (CHVE) were produced by cationic polymerisation and investigated for application as alkyd-type surface coatings.

3 Sep 15
Sustainable lactide caprolactone co-polymer for hot melt adhesives

A new lactide caprolactone co-polymer delivers benefits in hot melt adhesive applications.

1 Sep 15
Modified epoxy acrylate resin for photocurable temporary protective coatings

A series of UV-curable oligomers based on bisphenol-F epoxy resin were synthesised via end-capping of acrylic acid (AA) and 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulfonic acid (AMPS) in different ratios.

206 item(s) for Coatings binders
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