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Monday, 05 December 2016
Coatings binders

Current trends and developments on coatings binders for different application areas.

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2 Dec 16
New sustainable routes for non-isocyanate polyurethanes

Sustainable routes for the synthesis of polyurethanes with industrial applications are discussed in a paper.

9 Nov 16
Sustainable coatings from bio-based polyesters with enhanced functionalities

Reseachers from Laboratory of Physical Chemistry, Eindhoven University of Technology, synthesised bio-based sorbitol-containing polyester polyols via enzymatic polycondensation.

31 Oct 16
Polythiourethane networks catalysed by photobase generators

In a paper, French researchers have studied the photoinitiated polymerisation of thiols with isocyanate by real-time FTIR.

9 Sep 16
Heat resistance of polyester resin modified with fluorosilicone

In a work, fluorosilicone modified polyester resin (FSP) prepared from polyester (PET) and fluorosilicone resin (FS) with excellent heat resistance and surface wettability was reported.

26 Aug 16
Recent advances in bio-based epoxy resins and curing agents

A review by researchers from Department of Chemical Engineering, Rowan University, encompasses recent developments using bio-based epoxy resins and bio-based epoxy curing agents.

27 Jun 16
Bio-based water-borne polyurethanes for coating applications

Belgian researchers performed bio-based water-borne polyurethanes (WPU) from two commercially available partially or fully dimerised fatty acid polyols of similar hydroxyl values, close to those of petro-based polyols used for coating applications.

1 Jun 16
Coating properties of acrylated soybean oil modified epoxy resins

In a study by Turkish researchers, acrylated soybean oil (AESO) was used as a modifying agent for DGEBA-type epoxy resin (ER).

19 May 16
Itaconic acid – a versatile building block for renewable polyesters

German researchers from Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research, Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI have reviewed the most relevant work in the field of polyesters derived from itaconic acid and identified the potential for further research in this area.

27 Apr 16
Everything about epoxy resins in a single book

The new book "Epoxy Resins" by Michael Dornbusch, Ulrich Christ and Rob Rasing is out now.

218 item(s) for Coatings binders
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