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Thursday, 23 March 2017
Protective & Marine coatings

See what´s going on in the field of protective and marine coatings. Follow current news on new developments and products.

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15 Mar 17
Cerium tartrate as inhibitor pigment for corrosion protection in epoxy coatings

The efficiency of corrosion inhibition of a new pigment, cerium tartrate, on aluminium alloy was studied.

9 Mar 17
Surface engineering of coatings for marine antibiofouling

A range of amphiphilic polymers with diverse macromolecular architectures has been incorporated into films and coatings with potential for marine antibiofouling applications, without resorting to addition of currently used biocidal, toxic agents.

28 Feb 17
Discovery results in the development of a non-toxic anti-fouling coating

Researchers have uncovered a century-old mystery on marine benthos organisms, which has resulted in the development of a non-toxic anti-fouling coating and could help the shipping industry save fuel consumption.

21 Feb 17
Best tests for anti-corrosive paints - a personal viewpoint

In a research work, two scientists discuss tests for anti-corrosive paints and provide numerous references to back up their choices.

14 Feb 17
Defense mechanism employed by algae can effectively inhibit marine fouling

Chemists have developed a method that reliably hinders hazardous seawater fouling and is effective, affordable, and easy on the environment.

7 Feb 17
Developing drone technology to make marine coatings safer

Safety in the marine industry is set to be improved after three industry partners joined forces to develop a drone capable of remotely inspecting enclosed spaces and ballast water tanks.

2 Jan 17
Degradable polyurethane-organic release system prevents marine biofouling

Controlled release of antifoulant is critical for marine antibiofouling. Researchers have prepared polyurethane with degradable polyester segments and used it as release system for organic antifoulants.

21 Dec 16
Antifouling properties of marine bacteriocin incorporated epoxy based paint

Bacteriocin isolated from five different marine biofilm forming bacteria were evaluated for their antibacterial activities against each other.

22 Nov 16
Epoxy-silane hybrid coating enhances corrosion protection on galvanised steel

In a study, Indian researchers designed epoxy-silane hybrid coatings to investigate their anti-corrosion performance and adhesion on galvanised steel.

222 item(s) for Protective & Marine coatings
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