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Monday, 23 October 2017
Protective & Marine coatings

See what´s going on in the field of protective and marine coatings. Follow current news on new developments and products.

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9 Oct 17
Mitigating corrosion and biofouling with nanofillers

The capability to improve the performance of polymer coatings with the inclusion of nanomaterials is a vital factor for mitigating corrosion and biofouling. Researchers have used nanocomposites as fillers for epoxy coatings to protect steel against corrosion and bacterial growth.

6 Oct 17
Making ship hulls invisible for microorganisms

Biofouling pushes up fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 in shipping. Evonik is working on new eco-friendly coatings that counteract biofouling. They trick microorganisms into perceiving plain water in front of them, rather than the ship’s hull.

20 Sep 17
Self-healing nanogel composite embedded with epoxy as eco-friendly coating

Smart nanogel capsules are attracting great attention to act as self-healing materials for polymers. A research work aimed at incorporating nanogel among silicate layers of sodium montmorillonite to increase its dispersibility into an epoxy matrix so as to be used as self-healing nanocomposites.

18 Sep 17
New approaches in corrosion protection

Zinc primers protect steel constructions against corrosion. In dirty environments, their application is time consuming and not eco-friendly. A project tests whether a modification of the pigment formula can increase their effectiveness such that a reduction of the zinc concentration is possible.

14 Sep 17
New global project addresses bioinvasions via ships’ hulls

A new global initiative to help protect marine ecosystems from the negative effects of invasive aquatic species has been given the go-ahead for preparation.

29 Aug 17
Water-repairable zwitterionic polymer coatings for anti-biofouling surfaces

A team of international researchers has developed a strategy to prepare new types of zwitterionic polymer network coatings that display excellent self-healing and anti-biofouling properties.

22 Aug 17
Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials

During marine fouling, surfaces are encrusted with scale or biological organisms, which can be expensive to remove. A group of researchers has used polymers infused with organic lubricants to prevent mussels from adhering to a submerged surface.

21 Aug 17
Anticorrosive water-borne paints with reduced phosphate content

The objective of a research was to formulate water-borne epoxy coatings free from zinc and with reduced phosphate levels, replacing zinc phosphate by calcium acid phosphate.

9 Aug 17
Enhancing the corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings

The main goal of a research project was to enhance the corrosion inhibiting performance of graphene oxide (GO) nanofillers in epoxy coatings via modifying the surface of the GO sheets with silane coupling-agents.

245 item(s) for Protective & Marine coatings
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