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Thursday, 18 January 2018
Protective & Marine coatings

See what´s going on in the field of protective and marine coatings. Follow current news on new developments and products.

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14 Dec 17
Effect of biocidal coatings on microfouling

Researchers have exposed biocidal coatings to marine bacteria and diatoms and studied their effect on cells adhesion and biofilm formation in different conditions of immersion.

8 Dec 17
Potential of the plant oleander as green antifouling technology

One challenge to commercialisation of natural antifoulants is to find effective substances from flora and fauna with sufficient amount available. In a study, four cardenolides were isolated from the widely distributed plant oleander and evaluated for antifouling activity against barnacle settlement.

7 Dec 17
Effect of nano-pigments on the corrosion resistance of epoxy coatings

In a work, researchers have combined the desirable colour characteristics of cationic dyes and the good barrier properties of organoclays by synthesising hybrid dye-clay nano-pigments.

4 Dec 17
Environmentally-friendly removal of biofouling

A German research team has cooperated to develop an environmentally-friendly coating. This coating makes it harder for marine organisms to grow on the hulls and makes cleaning the ships easier.

30 Nov 17
Copolymer coating with outstanding corrosion inhibition properties

A novel class of copolymers containing polyimide and polyurea blocks with unique physical properties and capable of providing effective corrosion protection to aluminum alloy has been prepared.

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23 Nov 17
Characterising inhibitor storage and release from commercial primers

Aluminum alloys in the aerospace industry are coated with primers that prevent corrosion attacks from aggressive environments. To better understand the storage and release behaviour of the inhibitors, researchers have investigated three commercial primers.

22 Nov 17
Amphiphilic polymers as new fouling-release coatings

Researchers have prepared and evaluated amphiphilic polymers as fouling-release coatings in marine environment.

8 Nov 17
Polysiloxane coatings for anticorrosion applications in marine environment

Researchers have investigated nanostructured superhydrophobic polysiloxane coatings for high barrier and anticorrosion applications in marine environment.

1 Nov 17
Corrosion protection of mild steel surfaces

Indian researchers have reported the superior corrosion-resistant properties of conducting polyurethane networks of polyaniline (PANI), poly-m-aminophenol (PmAP), and poly-o-anisidine (PoA) coated on mild steel panels.

256 item(s) for Protective & Marine coatings
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