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Thursday, 30 March 2017
Industrial coatings

Here you find news dealing with trends and developments on industrial coatings for different applications. Don´t miss any trend on novel coatings binders, coatings additives, coatings pigments and fillers for industrial coatings.

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9 Feb 17
Breaking new ground for a biobased railcar coating

Polish railway vehicle manufacturer Newag SA broke new ground in resource-efficient coatings when he coated two diesel locomotives with a paint based on renewable resources.

10 Mar 16
Simpler furniture finishing

A self-crosslinking water-borne acrylic polymer gave good resistance properties in clear coats and was modified to enhance performance in pigmented finishes. The research results are summarised in a paper by Jerome Caron, Guy Clamen and Thom Hermens of Dow Coating Material.

5 Oct 15
The EU Servowood Project – predicting the service life of exterior wood coatings

The Servowood project is to establish European Standards that will facilitate the prediction of service life for exterior wood coatings. Jon Graystone (PRA) and Hugh Williams (BCF) have explained the project in greater detail.

15 May 14
Nano-coating may reduce fuel consumption of aircraft engines

Researchers have started using nanoparticles in the heat-insulating coating that protects aircraft engines from heat.

1 Nov 13
Fast-drying paint shortens lead times in production

The paint contains anti-corrosive pigments and is well suited for agricultural machinery and earth-moving equipment, frameworks and other steel structures, in which a high standard of aesthetic appearance is required.

24 May 13
Blending asphalt cement and PEA for industrial coatings

Researchers from Egypt examined the potential synergy of mixing asphalt cement with polyesteramide resin to produce industrial coatings for steel applications.

17 Dec 12
Sol-gel perfectly substitute chromate conversion coatings on Al-substrates

To substitute chromate conversion coatings always lead to a laughing and a crying eye. Chromate coatings were simple and easy to apply and furthermore highly efficient and permanent. Just the environmental impact was bad enough to gain a smile substituting it. A recent research found one more way to dry the tears because of performance.

9 Jul 12
Aerospace coatings: degradation factors investigated

Australian and US-American researchers investigated the impact of in-service environmental stressors on the durability of exterior decorative aerospace coating systems.

9 May 12
Paintistanbul 2012: call for papers still open

This year’s paint and coatings industry exhibition and congress Paintistanbul will be held on 13-15 September, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. The call for papers for the congress is open until 18 May, 2012.

27 item(s) for Industrial coatings
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