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Monday, 30 May 2016
Decorative coatings

Here you find news, trends and developments on decorative and architectural coatings. Don´t miss any trend on new raw materials and novel products in this important application field.

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22 May 15
The Europeans think different about going green, what does that mean for interior paints?

Green products are increasingly entering the market. The interest in such products is fueled by a new sensitivity for environmental issues by customers and policymakers. However, there are differences in the attitudes towards sustainable consumption across Europe.

20 Apr 15
Be ready for a tinted green future

A new universal tinting system brings colour into the paint, while maintaining the original properties and quality.

10 Apr 15
Rebuilding a wonder of the medieval world

Nearly 20,000 kilograms of a waterborne texture paint has been used to coat 8,000 square meters of the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing in China.

26 Nov 14
App gives people the freedom to experiment

A free app enables users to see in real time what a room will look like in a wide range of different colors – before any paint is applied to the wall.

10 Jun 14
Improving the cleanability of decorative laminates

Decorative laminates based on melamine formaldehyde (MF) resin impregnated papers are used at great extent for surface finishing of engineered wood.

20 Mar 14
Beauty, Protection, Sustainability – 9th International Woodcoatings Congress

A call for papers has been issued for this two-day congress.

3 Jan 14
A strategy to prevent asthma through building product selection

In a report the Healthy Building Network (HBN) warns that new preventive strategies are needed to address rising asthma rates in the United States at its source.

28 Nov 13
Meeting challenges to parquet coatings

Where are the requirements for future surface systems and developments? Ways on this subject will be discussed in the presentation "Requirements for modern lacquer systems from a parquet producer’s point of view”.

22 Nov 13
Hidden da Vinci painting revealed in Italy

Italian restoration experts reportedly have revealed a portion of a tree mural believed to have been painted in the late 1400s by a young Leonardo da Vinci.

49 item(s) for Decorative coatings
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