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Sunday, 29 March 2015
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26 Mar 15
Obtaining highly effective antifouling coatings

Researchers studied the preparation and properties of UV-curable fluorinated polyurethane acrylates containing crosslinkable vinyl methacrylate for antifouling coatings.

16 Mar 15
New range of marine coatings reduces maintenance costs

Hempel has launched a new range of pure epoxy PSPC compliant coatings for the marine new-buildings market.

13 Mar 15
Planning Movement Joints in Facades - now available in English

The purpose of the information script "Planning Movement Joints in Facades” is to explain how joints are planned, especially movement joints in facades, and to help make the selection of a suitable sealant easier.

11 Mar 15
Cargo tank coating selected by shipowner

Shipowner Navig8 has selected a cargo tank coating from AkzoNobel's International marine coatings range to be applied to 18 chemical tankers currently under construction at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard in South Korea.

23 Feb 15
Phosphonic acid-containing polysulfones as anticorrosive coatings

As a part of research work to elaborate polymeric materials for metal corrosion protection, French researchers have developed a new family of phosphonic acid-containing polymers.

19 Feb 15
Synthesising polythioether and heat resistance of polythioether sealants

Polythioether sealants are considered as new generational aeronautical sealants.

6 Feb 15
Evaluating tannin as antifouling agent in epoxy paint for marine application

Development of non-toxic or less toxic paints has become a target for researchers due to the awareness of the impacts from the use of toxic antifouling paints.

28 Jan 15
PVC and PVDC-free primer does not require the use of crosslinkers

Flint Group has announced the launch of a single-component primer that provides a strong adhesion of nitrocellulose-based inks printed on metallised PET and OPP.

12 Jan 15
Atomic placement of elements counts for strong concrete

Even when building big, every atom matters, according to new research on particle-based materials at Rice University.

306 item(s) for Applications
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