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Wednesday, 04 March 2015
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23 Feb 15
Phosphonic acid-containing polysulfones as anticorrosive coatings

As a part of research work to elaborate polymeric materials for metal corrosion protection, French researchers have developed a new family of phosphonic acid-containing polymers.

20 Feb 15
New insights into the prehydration of cement and its mitigation

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) prehydrates during storage or handling in moist environments, forming hydration products on or near its particles' surfaces.

19 Feb 15
Synthesising polythioether and heat resistance of polythioether sealants

Polythioether sealants are considered as new generational aeronautical sealants.

6 Feb 15
Evaluating tannin as antifouling agent in epoxy paint for marine application

Development of non-toxic or less toxic paints has become a target for researchers due to the awareness of the impacts from the use of toxic antifouling paints.

28 Jan 15
PVC and PVDC-free primer does not require the use of crosslinkers

Flint Group has announced the launch of a single-component primer that provides a strong adhesion of nitrocellulose-based inks printed on metallised PET and OPP.

9 Jan 15
Combining inhibitive pigments and silica particles with powder coatings

The addition of organo-modified silica particles (OSP) to powder coating containing zinc molybdenum phosphate pigment (ZMP) has been investigated by Spanish researchers.

8 Jan 15
Investigating concrete with antifreeze admixtures in low temperatures

Researchers investigated the behaviour of fresh and hardened concretes with antifreeze admixtures in deep-freeze low temperatures and exterior winter conditions.

6 Jan 15
Advanced micro/nanocapsules for self-healing smart anticorrosion coatings

A paper gives a concise review on the most recent advances in preparing micro/nanocapsules for smart coatings.

31 Dec 14
Branched polyglycerols enhance performance of flexographic printing inks

Polish researchers used branched polyglycerols as performance additives for water-based flexographic printing inks.

302 item(s) for Applications
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