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Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

331 item(s) for Applications
2 Sep 15
European Coatings CONFERENCE Automotive coatings - Performance beyond horsepower

Register today for the European Coatings CONFERENCE on Automotive coatings to learn first hand which areas of a car's performance can be improved by modern coatings and find out what’s possible beyond horsepower in Düsseldorf, 24 – 25 September 2015.

25 Aug 15
Fluoropolymer-based formulations as protective coatings in pipelines

Corrosion in the interior of pipelines is a major and costly problem encountered in the oil and gas industry. In this context, a fluoropolymer and a hybrid epoxy/fluoropolymer resin were studied for their potential use to prevent corrosion.

17 Aug 15
Improving the anti-corrosion performance of epoxy coatings

Solvent-based epoxy resins are often used for the anti-corrosion purpose but their cured process fabricating plentiful micro-pore via solvent evaporation is an intrinsic shortcoming and it is thus necessary to obstacle their micro-pore for enhancement antiseptic property.

14 Aug 15
Fundamentals of polymer-modified asphalts and principles of compatibility

During the last decades, the number of vehicles per citizen as well as the traffic speed and load has dramatically increased.

10 Aug 15
Green strategies for antifouling coatings

In the last few decades, many efforts have been spent into developing efficient antifouling (AF) surfaces (coatings) combining advances in materials science and recent knowledge of marine chemistry and biology.

3 Aug 15
Determining the thickness of passive fire protection for concrete tunnel segments

The Eurasia Tunnel is a part of the Bosporus Strait Highway Crossing Project connecting the Anatolian and European shores of Istanbul.

31 Jul 15
Degradable polyurethanes based on polyester polyols for marine antifouling

Researchers have prepared star-shaped polyester polyols based on initiators (trimethylolpropane or pentaerythritol) and ɛ-caprolactone by polycondensation reaction.

21 Jul 15
Innovation and challenge: lightweight multi-substrate body design and low bake coatings

Dr. Klemens Bartman, Global Director OEM, Axalta Coating Systems reports on ways how to meet the challenges that new lightweight materials present. Increasing pressure from regulatory bodies has been put on the automotive industry to move towards more sustainable materials and processes. Over several decades, regulatory requirements, such as reduction of organic solvent emission, overall CO2 reduction and increased fuel efficiency, have prompted the coatings industry to develop new, ecologically sustainable coatings.

20 Jul 15
Advances in polymer nanocomposites for anticorrosion applications

Polymer nanocomposites exhibit unique physicochemical properties that cannot be obtained with individual components acting alone.

331 item(s) for Applications
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