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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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21 Sep 17
Carbonation of low-alkalinity mortars

Researchers have studied the ability of carbonated mortar to provide corrosion protection of embedded steel on mortars prepared with low-alkalinity binders.

20 Sep 17
Self-healing nanogel composite embedded with epoxy as eco-friendly coating

Smart nanogel capsules are attracting great attention to act as self-healing materials for polymers. A research work aimed at incorporating nanogel among silicate layers of sodium montmorillonite to increase its dispersibility into an epoxy matrix so as to be used as self-healing nanocomposites.

18 Sep 17
New approaches in corrosion protection

Zinc primers protect steel constructions against corrosion. In dirty environments, their application is time consuming and not eco-friendly. A project tests whether a modification of the pigment formula can increase their effectiveness such that a reduction of the zinc concentration is possible.

14 Sep 17
New global project addresses bioinvasions via ships’ hulls

A new global initiative to help protect marine ecosystems from the negative effects of invasive aquatic species has been given the go-ahead for preparation.

11 Sep 17
Silica-polyaniline hybrid materials for epoxy-based anticorrosive coatings

Brasilian researchers have prepared silica-polyaniline hybrid materials by inverse emulsion polymerisation for epoxy-based anticorrosive coatings.

31 Aug 17
Industrial coatings: “Globalisation requires fast responses”

Modern industrial coatings have to perform excellent on multiple levels. European Coatings spoke with Claire Reynier of Arkema Coating Resins about the latest trends and the situation on the market.

29 Aug 17
Water-repairable zwitterionic polymer coatings for anti-biofouling surfaces

A team of international researchers has developed a strategy to prepare new types of zwitterionic polymer network coatings that display excellent self-healing and anti-biofouling properties.

24 Aug 17
Plant oil derived epoxy thermosets

Epoxy thermosets are used as adhesives and coatings in electronics, appliances and aircraft. But most of them are not environmentally friendly. Epoxidised plant oil thermosets are usually weak and easily break. Researchers wanted to fabricate a biobased epoxidised plant oil thermoset.

22 Aug 17
Preventing mussel adhesion using lubricant-infused materials

During marine fouling, surfaces are encrusted with scale or biological organisms, which can be expensive to remove. A group of researchers has used polymers infused with organic lubricants to prevent mussels from adhering to a submerged surface.

501 item(s) for Applications
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