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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Here you will find current news on a variety of applications fields for coatings including automotive coatings, marine coatings, protectice coatings, industrial coatings as well as on decorative and architectural coatings

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19 May 17
Impact resistance of high strength-high ductility concrete

High strength-high ductility concrete (HSHDC) is a newly developed fiber-reinforced cementitious composite with unique compressive strength (> 150 MPa) and tensile ductility (> 3%). Researchers have investigated the behaviour of thin slabs of HSHDC via drop-weight impact experiments.

18 May 17
Thermal decomposition and fire response of thermal coatings for concrete

A work by researchers from Singapore highlights the thermal decomposition of two polymer-based, non-halogenated coatings that have the potential to be used as passive fire protection for structural concrete.

5 May 17
Cyclic polymers as advanced materials for surface modification

Cyclic versus linear: Belgian researchers from University of Ghent have proved that cyclic polymers are superior to their linear counterparts in many respects.

3 May 17
Evaluating the barrier properties of fire retardant polymer systems

To investigate the flame retardant properties and mechanisms of fire retardant polymer systems that mainly depend on the produced protective char shields, quantitative analysis for the barrier quality of the char layer is important but still a challenge.

28 Apr 17
Photosynthesis of anticorrosive protective coatings for steel substrates

Novel environment friendly anticorrosive coating formulations for mild steel substrates based on acrylated oil were prepared by using unsaturated amino acid compounds.

20 Apr 17
Third edition of "Coatings Formulation" launched

Already in its third edition, the book "Coatings Formulation" imparts the composition of coatings clearly, placing special emphasis on the base binder in each type.

19 Apr 17
Improved corrosion protection with flake-type zinc-phosphate particles

Scientists have demontrated that coatings with flake-type zinc-phosphate particles exhibit better corrosion protection than spheroidal particles.

17 Apr 17
Diffusion of amphiphiles in silicone-based fouling-release coatings

In a study, Danish researchers present a novel method for the measurement of diffusion coefficients of PEG-based amphiphiles of different chemistries in PDMS-based fouling-release coatings.

15 Apr 17
Improving the edge protection of automotive electrocoatings

A study develops a method for the edge coverage improvement of cathodic electrocoatings by silica nanoparticles.

469 item(s) for Applications
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