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Sunday, 22 January 2017
Raw materials & technologies

Find out all about new developments and trends in raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.

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20 Jan 17
Climate-friendly cement substitute

Researchers are proposing geopolymers as an alternative to cement. These mineral binders are not only more environmentally friendly, they are also more resistant to chemicals and high temperature.

19 Jan 17
Preparing soybean oil-based curing agents for epoxy resin

In order to improve the flexibility properties of conventional epoxy resin, researchers from Guangdong University of Technology have synthesised two novel soybean oil-based curing agents for epoxy resin.

18 Jan 17
Renewably sourced phenolic resins from lignin bio-oil

Traditional lignin pyrolysis generates a bio-oil with a complex mixture of alkyl-functionalised guaiacol and syringol monomers that have limited utility to completely replace phenol in resins.

17 Jan 17
Review on surface treatment for concrete

There are variety of surface treatments used for concrete structures protection. A paper presents a review of the effect of surface treatments on mechanical properties and durability concrete, and the durability of treatment materials themselves.

16 Jan 17
Synthesis of photochemically driven polymeric network formation

Polymeric networks have been intensely investigated and a large number of applications have been found in areas ranging from biomedicine to materials science.

12 Jan 17
New issue of the European Coatings Journal is out

For the end customer who buys an architectural paint, aesthetics are everything.

12 Jan 17
Improving the scratch resistance of commodity polymers

Hybrid transparent coatings based on zirconia nanoparticle fillers and epoxy resin were designed to increase scratch resistance of commodity polymers without impairing their optical properties.

11 Jan 17
Flame retardancy of photocured epoxy acrylate based coatings

In a work the synergistic effect of a nitrogen and phosphorus containing reactive monomer on the flame retardancy of photocured epoxy acrylate based coatings was investigated.

10 Jan 17
Study of a hemp concrete wall exposed to outdoor climate

French researchers have exposed cement based hemp concrete walls for one year to indoor controlled and outdoor climate. The objective of the study was to analyse the behaviour of the walls in realistic conditions.

1888 item(s) for Raw materials & technologies
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