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Wednesday, 22 February 2017
Raw materials & technologies

Find out all about new developments and trends in raw materials for coatings, adhesives, sealants and construction chemicals.

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22 Feb 17
Reduced pressures influence film formation of cathodic electrodeposition paints

Within the last decades, cathodic electrodeposition paints have experienced extensive economic success – most prominently in automobile body coating.

21 Feb 17
Best tests for anti-corrosive paints - a personal viewpoint

In a research work, two scientists discuss tests for anti-corrosive paints and provide numerous references to back up their choices.

20 Feb 17
Potential of a novel waterborne polyurethane as biomaterial

A new synthesis process, named "in situ water reaction process”, was developed to obtain polyurethane dispersions.

17 Feb 17
Self-healing hydrogel based on surfactant-free hydrophobic association

Self-healing hydrogels are attractive for a variety of applications including coatings. A paper describes the facile preparation of an autonomous self-healing hydrogel comprising surfactant-free hydrophobic associations.

16 Feb 17
Anti-icing coatings reduce damage caused by ice

Thanks to novel water-repelling micro- and nanostructured coatings, wind turbines remains ice-free. These functional surfaces are also interesting for aircraft wings, winter sport clothing and solar panels.

14 Feb 17
Defense mechanism employed by algae can effectively inhibit marine fouling

Chemists have developed a method that reliably hinders hazardous seawater fouling and is effective, affordable, and easy on the environment.

14 Feb 17
New issue of European Coatings Journal is out

Corrosion is a big issue for metal structures exposed to harsh environments.

13 Feb 17
Investigating the effect of nanofillers on the corrosion protection of epoxy coatings

In a research work, tetraethyl orthosilicate (TEOS) was used as organosilane to decorate the surface of graphene oxide (GO) nanosheets by SiO2 nanospheres via a facile method.

10 Feb 17
Waterborne polyurethanes with a novel emulsifier derived from sunflower oil

A renewable, green and scalable dihydroxy acid was synthesised from sunflower oil and applied as a chain extender in the preparation of waterborne polyurethanes.

1912 item(s) for Raw materials & technologies
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