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Friday, 18 April 2014
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9 Apr 14
Hydration of cement regenerated from recyclable concrete

Belgian researchers present a hydration study on cement regenerated from completely recyclable concrete (CRC).

4 Apr 14
Click reactions on polymer surfaces lead to antimicrobial behaviour

Researchers developed simple reactions that combined microwave plasma reactions in the presence of maleic anhydride with alkyne click chemistries.

3 Apr 14
Nanoparticles triple service life and reduce fuel consumption

Researchers have started using nanoparticles in the heat-insulating surface layer that protects aircraft engines from heat.

31 Mar 14
Solving the green PET problem

Researchers from Italy developed a green material by blending recycled PET and isosorbide, and the bio-based succinic acid.

21 Mar 14
Istanbul is calling

The Paintistanbul Congress 2014 held in conjuction with the Paintistanbul Exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey is calling for papers. Please submit your abstract  to the Congress Secretariat by 30 April 2014 ( 

18 Mar 14
Specific application needs specific adhesion

Experts have different areas they work for. Interestingly the most of them have a favourite adhesive.

17 Mar 14
UV-curable polyurethane acrylates inhibit fouling

A study examined the effect of UV-curable fluorinated polyurethane acrylates for use as antifouling coating materials.

14 Mar 14
Can PVC waste be used for asphalting roads?

In a study PVC pipe waste has been used as a modifier in making bituminous products for paving application.

13 Mar 14
Flexo printing plate provides efficiency with water based inks

During the past years, the demands for a flexo printing plate have changed; the plates have to be more and more specialised and adapted to the substrate as well as inks.

344 item(s) for Technologies
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