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Saturday, 12 July 2014
Coatings Pigments
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24 Jun 14
Earning a master’s degree in colour technology for the automotive Sector

The purpose of the master is to provide comprehensive training in the multidisciplinary study of Colour Science and Technology from a global perspective.

4 Jun 14
Synthesising novel fluorescent offset ink based on coumarin dyes

Novel fluorescent inks based on coumarin dyes used in offset printing techniques were developed by Iranian researchers.

30 Apr 14
Zinc-free pigment effects disbondment of epoxy-polyamide coating

In the field of protective coatings, zinc-free pigments are proposed as promising anticorrosion compounds due to their excellent environmentally-friendly profile.

28 Mar 14
Brighter inks, without pigment

Nanostructured capsules could bring about paints that never fade.

29 Jul 13
Zinc-free pigments exhibit anticorrosive properties

Activity of a new range of zinc-free anticorrosive pigments is based on the synergic combination of selected inorganic and organic compounds.

3 Jun 13
Scattering and rheology of polymer-stabilised titanium dioxide dispersions investigated

Many paint properties, like opacity, gloss, stability and colour acceptance, depend on the quality of pigment dispersions. 

31 May 13
Colourful sand avoids toxic or fading pigmentations

Organic dyes fade when exposed to UV light. Inorganic pigments do not fade but are often based on toxic heavy metals such as chromium. The solution is colourful, based on black and white powder.

9 Apr 13
Inorganic pigments to colour construction materials

Black pigments with a blue undertone impart attractive and enduring colour to cast-in-situ concrete, pre-cast concrete components or concrete roofing tiles.

15 Feb 13
TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles compared

Scientists have characterised three types of metal nanoparticle and assessed production of reactive oxygen species through the degradation of methylene blue.

51 item(s) for Coatings Pigments
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