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Thursday, 24 April 2014
Coatings Pigments
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28 Mar 14
Brighter inks, without pigment

Nanostructured capsules could bring about paints that never fade.

29 Jul 13
Zinc-free pigments exhibit anticorrosive properties

Activity of a new range of zinc-free anticorrosive pigments is based on the synergic combination of selected inorganic and organic compounds.

24 Jun 13
Special effect pigments are compatible with resins, solvents and plastics

The new pigments are easy to disperse and show good glitter effects especially in strong sunlight.

3 Jun 13
Scattering and rheology of polymer-stabilised titanium dioxide dispersions investigated

Many paint properties, like opacity, gloss, stability and colour acceptance, depend on the quality of pigment dispersions. 

31 May 13
Colourful sand avoids toxic or fading pigmentations

Organic dyes fade when exposed to UV light. Inorganic pigments do not fade but are often based on toxic heavy metals such as chromium. The solution is colourful, based on black and white powder.

15 Feb 13
TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles compared

Scientists have characterised three types of metal nanoparticle and assessed production of reactive oxygen species through the degradation of methylene blue.

13 Dec 12
Water permeability of pigmented waterborne coatings analysed

Influence of pigments on the water permeability of waterborne coating systems has been studied by Dutch researchers. At a constant PVC and increasing pigment size the diffusion coefficient decreases.

22 Aug 12
Cool roof! Thanks to a blue pigment

Just by chance, but even more impressive: A blue pigment reflects about 40 % of infrared heat.

20 Aug 12
Titaniumdioxide easily dispersed in water and cyclohexane

Amphilic brookite Titaniumdioxide with a higher UV irridation investigated for photocatalytic coatings.

48 item(s) for Coatings Pigments
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