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Thursday, 24 April 2014
Coatings Fillers
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29 Aug 13
How dangerous are silica?

After the proposal for a rule limiting silica exposure of the Canadian province of British Columbia the US acts as well on an juisdiction. Do we have to protect paint workers in the EU as well?

12 Jul 13
Sunflower seeds to promote eco-friendly concrete

Sunflower seed husks could be used as an environmentally friendly filler for concrete, Turkish researchers say.

6 Feb 13
Optimising dispersion paints using multifunctional fillers

A guideline of the Dorfner Group reveals how to save costs and improve quality by optimising or revising the design of the filler package in the formulation.

1 Jun 12
Calcite filler to improve paint stability

In a new study, calcite particles hinder agglomeration of TiO2 particles in the paint. Part of TiO2 can be replaced by calcite without any appreciable change in service properties.

2 Dec 11
Surface functionalisation of fillers improves blanching resistance

In a new study, experimental functionalised grades of both blanc fixe and titanium dioxide reduced blanching, as predicted.

TiO2 nanocomposites enhance transparency
1 Jul 11
Miscible nanocomposites to offer great potential

A research group of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, has developed a process which opens an avenue for the production of new, completely miscible nanocomposites.

10 Feb 11
Rice husk ash enhances mechanical properties

Investigation of the influence on different mechanical properties for epoxy paints is shown in this article.

22 Oct 10
Thermal barrier coatings investigated

An overview on thermal barrier coatings compares different new materials covering especially doped zirconia, pyrochlores, perovskites, and aluminates.

14 Sep 10
Opaque polymer for solvent- and waterbased coatings

Study on the use of opaque polymer to reduce formulation costs.

13 item(s) for Coatings Fillers
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