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Thursday, 24 April 2014
Coatings Additives
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1 Apr 14
Talc-based extenders meet the demands of industrial coatings

The new range is a cost-effective solution for high solids, putties and automotive refinish applications.

25 Feb 14
Microcapsule is designed for self-healing in concrete environment

Based on microcapsule technology, a new type of self-healing system for concrete materials was created, which mainly focuses on the corrosion protection of steel bars.

14 Feb 14
Kaolin accelerates film formation of latex polymers in cement

Colloidal stabilisers (e.g. PVOH) and anti-caking aids (e.g. kaolin) are commonly added during the spray drying of liquid latex dispersions to produce re-dispersible polymer powders for the drymix mortar industry.

2 Jan 14
Can plastic waste be reused for the production of concrete?

Two Portuguese researchers evaluated the effects of size and shape of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET) aggregate on the fresh and hardened properties of concrete including abrasion resistance.

18 Dec 13
Intermediate resists to heat in cookware products

The intermediate’s reactive methoxy functionality makes it compatible with other materials.

5 Sep 13
EMPA research helps to ban flame retardant HBCD

Swiss scientists contribute to new regulation under the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

5 Jul 13
Antifouling agent on it's way to through the BPD jungle

EU Biocidal Products Directive (BPD) 98/8/EC became one ot the toughest hurdles for new antifouling coating additives for marine protection. An active substance is on the way to be included.

19 Jun 13
Creating coatings with permanent easy-to-clean surfaces

Fluorinated polymers with multiple functionalities can generate hydrophobic surfaces with a permanent easy-to-clean effect in different coatings. Results of a new study confirm this.

9 May 13
Dispersants with high pigment loading give paints extra brilliance

The combination of polymers makes it possible to prepare dispersions with a pigment concentration of more than 50 % – without sacrificing flowability.

129 item(s) for Coatings Additives
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