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Thursday, 24 April 2014
23 item(s) for Industrial
1 Nov 13
Fast-drying paint shortens lead times in production

The paint contains anti-corrosive pigments and is well suited for agricultural machinery and earth-moving equipment, frameworks and other steel structures, in which a high standard of aesthetic appearance is required.

20 Sep 13
Eco-friendly cement is strong and durable

Researchers at the University of Copenhagen demonstrate that cement manufactured with waste ash from sugar production is stronger than conventional cement.

24 May 13
Blending asphalt cement and PEA for industrial coatings

Researchers from Egypt examined the potential synergy of mixing asphalt cement with polyesteramide resin to produce industrial coatings for steel applications.

17 Dec 12
Sol-gel perfectly substitute chromate conversion coatings on Al-substrates

To substitute chromate conversion coatings always lead to a laughing and a crying eye. Chromate coatings were simple and easy to apply and furthermore highly efficient and permanent. Just the environmental impact was bad enough to gain a smile substituting it. A recent research found one more way to dry the tears because of performance.

9 Jul 12
Aerospace coatings: degradation factors investigated

Australian and US-American researchers investigated the impact of in-service environmental stressors on the durability of exterior decorative aerospace coating systems.

8 May 12
It’s Show Time!

The American Coatings SHOW offers opportunities for international suppliers of raw materials, as well as manufacturers of laboratory and process-engineering equipment, to share their innovations.

7 May 12
Ecological alternative to biocide formulations available

The technology actively combats microbial contamination in a wide range of products, such as paints, adhesives and home care products.

21 Mar 12
TiO2 photocatalysis in cementitious systems

An overview about application of titanium dioxide to concrete technology in relation to enhanced aesthetic durability and depollution properties is available.

27 Feb 12
Paintistanbul 2012: call for papers starts

This year’s paint and coatings industry exhibition and congress Paintistanbul will be held on 13-15 September, 2012 in Istanbul, Turkey. The call for papers for the congress is open until 18 May, 2012.

23 item(s) for Industrial
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