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Saturday, 19 April 2014
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11 Apr 14
Testing photocatalytic facade paints containing ZnO and TiO2

The photocatalytic properties of self-cleaning acrylic paint containing TiO2 and ZnO were studied using Acid orange 7 as a model compound.

20 Mar 14
Beauty, Protection, Sustainability – 9th International Woodcoatings Congress

A call for papers has been issued for this two-day congress.

3 Jan 14
A strategy to prevent asthma through building product selection

In a report the Healthy Building Network (HBN) warns that new preventive strategies are needed to address rising asthma rates in the United States at its source.

28 Nov 13
Meeting challenges to parquet coatings

Where are the requirements for future surface systems and developments? Ways on this subject will be discussed in the presentation "Requirements for modern lacquer systems from a parquet producer’s point of view”.

22 Nov 13
Hidden da Vinci painting revealed in Italy

Italian restoration experts reportedly have revealed a portion of a tree mural believed to have been painted in the late 1400s by a young Leonardo da Vinci.

BB_News_25_10_2013_Architecture 3d.jpg
16 Oct 13
Measuring the open time of latex paints

The open time of latex paints describes the period, such a paint can be processed. A new idea shows good and realiable results to examine by using conventional techniques

8 Oct 13
Spanish scientists’ find could transform photochromic response

A development by Spanish researchers could revolutionise smart coatings for windows, agricultural films... and the comfort of anyone working in climatic extremes.

11 Sep 13
Pigments colour shoulder to shoulder

A new technology for multicolour paints was investigated: Basically it encapsulates paint droplets what leads to a stable colour coexistance side-by-side.

3 May 13
Evaluating weathering performance of architectural coatings

Proposed new ASTM International standard will offer guidelines to chemists formulating new paints and finishes for use with wood in architectural applications.

44 item(s) for Decorative
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