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Thursday, 24 April 2014
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23 Apr 14
Coating protects wood against fungal attack

Italian researchers prepared a new coating based on organic-inorganic materials using concurrent sol-gel and polymerisation techniques, and applied to wood using a dip coating method.

17 Apr 14
Hull coating provides advantages to fleet operators around the world

A new hull coating concept offers fouling resistance for up to 120 days during idle periods.

11 Apr 14
Testing photocatalytic facade paints containing ZnO and TiO2

The photocatalytic properties of self-cleaning acrylic paint containing TiO2 and ZnO were studied using Acid orange 7 as a model compound.

8 Apr 14
Test method for bolted connections coatings being developed

An ASTM subcommittee is developing a proposed standard to test the slip coefficient properties of coatings used in slip-critical bolted connections.

2 Apr 14
Crosslinked polymer multilayers stabilize antifouling coatings

In a study material-independent and bioinert hierarchical polymer multilayer coatings were presented.

21 Mar 14
Admixture protects concrete

"MCI-2012 IntegraPel” is an integral waterproofing and corrosion inhibiting admixture designed to prevent or retard corrosion of steel reinforcement in new concrete structures. It is a water-based organic admixture. 

20 Mar 14
Beauty, Protection, Sustainability – 9th International Woodcoatings Congress

A call for papers has been issued for this two-day congress.

18 Mar 14
Making automotive finishes more scratchresistant

A new binder technology should make automotive finishes more scratchresistant.

11 Mar 14
Polyurea enhances corrosion resistance of copolymer coatings

A study of a novel class of polyurea-b-polyimide (PUI) block copolymer coating containing environmentally friendly aromatic polyurea comes from the USA.

247 item(s) for Applications
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