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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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16 Feb 17
Catexel - Opportunities in coatings´ quest for going cobalt-free - now and in the future
Dr. Ronald Hage

Perspectives on the status of the alkyd coatings market

The challenge of replacing cobalt for the global coatings market remains.

Paint makers need more options in the face of regulatory reform.

Learn how R&D and the supply chain can support the requirement for fully optimised systems that satisfy commercial, operational, sustainability and corporate responsibility concerns.

In the two-part paper, Catexel´s CTO Dr. Ronald Hage - alongside independent market experts Dr. Hugh Gibbs and William Weaver - addresses:

  • Key market challenges and predictions
  • Crucial developments to-date
  • Relative pros and cons of current cobalt alternatives
  • Likely future innovation sources
14 Feb 17
CLARIANT - Novel stabilizers improving the rheology profile of SILICATE PAINTS

Consumers wish to live in healthier indoor environments and they expect goods and materials used in daily life having no impact on their health and wellbeing. Consequently, interior paints should be odor-free and have fewer harmful ingredients, creating a good room climate.
Mineral paints are biocide-free, but difficult to use. Can novel stabilizers improve the rheology profile of silicate paints?

19 Sep 16
Polycarbodiimides as classification-free and easy to use crosslinkers for water based coatings - STAHL

Polycarbodiimides as classification-free and easy to use crosslinkers for water-based coatings

Crosslinking is widely practiced to improve the performance of coatings, including wear, abrasion and chemical resistances. Stahl successfully examined the performance of polycarbodiimides as a safe and sustainable crosslinker. Read the results for different substrates and the pH and pot life effects.

6 Apr 16
Water-Based Single Component High Gloss Acrylic for DTM & Topcoat Applications

High performance coatings with low VOC content are needed to meet the market demand and government regulation. BASF has developed a low VOC, high performance, water-based coating system for direct-to-metal (DTM) and topcoat applications. The science behind the system is presented in this edition of the BASF Formulation Solutions technical bulletin.

5 Apr 16

NextGen Epoxy™ Waterborne System for Ultra-Low VOC Coatings with Improved Price/Performance Ratio

Hexion Inc.’s NextGen Epoxy™ Waterborne System offers coatings performance comparable to solvent-borne systems while meeting stringent Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) regulations without the premium price often associated with high-performance waterborne epoxies. The NextGen Epoxy™ WB System can be used to formulate ultra-low VOC coatings (less than 50 g/L VOC content on concrete, and less than 100 g/L VOC content on metal).

5 Apr 16
High-end TiO2 pigments for demanding applications

KRONOS high-end TiO2 pigments for demanding applications

KRONOS 2360: the premium pigment for industrial coatings, featuring maximum weather resistance, excellent yield and good dispersibility with an exceptional bluish tone in white coatings.

KRONOS 2066: best in class for printing inks. Superior opacity, gloss, wetting and dispersibility, combined with the additional benefit of meeting the US and Chinese requirements that address the content of organic compounds in food packaging and films.

16 Apr 15
keim additec surface - New aqueous ULTRALUBE®

New aqueous ULTRALUBE® wax dispersion based on mod. PE-wax exhibiting highest storage stability

New ULTRALUBE® wax dispersion D-894 for use in inks, particular such with low viscosity and clearcoats (wood/furniture varnishes) providing

  • rub/scratch resistance
  • anti blocking
  • matting

 at highest storage stability.


15 Apr 15
Corbion Purac's PURALACT® B3 Enhances Resin Efficiency & Improves Coating Performance

PURALACT®B3-Modified Resins Significantly Reduce Viscosity of Coating Resins, Enabling High Solid Systems

Corbion’s PURALACT® B3 is a renewable, commercially-available, performance building block that enhances resin efficiency and improves coating performance. PURALACT® B3 can be incorporated in saturated polyester and alkyd based resins, in a cost competitive manner, using existing production processes, without compromising performance of both resin and coating.

15 Apr 15
Atlas Ametek - Weather Durability Testing of Paints and Coatings

Will My Coatings Last Outdoors?

Weather durability testing is key to understanding coating "robustness” under various conditions to prevent failures. Often, inappropriate test methods are used, while leaders in coatings and weathering testing have shown the way to reliable testing with the right technologies and methods.

This paper introduces natural accelerated weathering techniques highlighting recent testing technology advances and methods for improved corrosion, lab and outdoor accelerated weathering testing for coatings.

15 Apr 15

A novel 2-Pack Waterborne Epoxy System that Works Like a Solventborne

A new class of amine hardener dispersions for 2K-epoxy application proves that increased productivity, reduced environmental impact and health hazard can be met. BECKOCURE EH 2260 is the central piece of the Easy Cure System. Combined with BECKOPOX® EP 2384w/57WA or BECKOPOX® 387w/52WA, it meets different requirements for protective coatings in terms of hardness, flexibility or speed of curing.

14 items for Whitepaper
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