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Friday, 18 August 2017

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Vanessa Bauersachs
25 June 2015 14:24:00 | Posted by: Vanessa Bauersachs, European Coatings Journal
From plastic to metal to chocolate

Recently, I attended the Maker Faire in Hanover, an event where innovators present their newest products and technologies. One of my highlights there was watching 3D printers in action, producing all sorts of objects from simple vases to dog statues to a bust of Kim Jong Un, which bore an almost uncanny resemblance to said North Korean. With all the more interest, I read that researchers have found a way to print structures of copper and gold, by stacking microscopically small metal droplets.

Michael Richter
18 June 2015 11:00:00 | Posted by: Michael Richter, European Coatings Journal
What has storytelling to do with your daily business?

Everybody is talking about storytelling. Books dealing with this topic are often bestsellers as even a story about storytelling is already a told story. Confusing? Yes, it is and I will try to put things straight again.

Kirsten Wrede
10 June 2015 14:58:00 | Posted by: Kirsten Wrede, European Coatings Journal
ACS: major honour for a great event

Can you believe it? Only recently I have filed away all my material on the recent European Coatings SHOW and CONGRESS, and already the next big event – the American Coatings SHOW and CONFERENCE 2016 – is looming on the horizon! I became aware of this when I returned from my holidays and read the news on our website, according to which the ACS is once again among the fastest-growing biennial shows in North America.

Sonja Schulte
4 June 2015 09:32:00 | Posted by: Sonja Schulte, European Coatings Journal
Too commercial! What listeners think about presentations.

I’ve been back in the "business as usual" mode for a while now, but the EC Congress which paralleled the European Coatings SHOW refuses to leave me alone. Along with David Sykes of the PRA, UK, I compiled the programme on the basis of the abstracts that were submitted – as always.

Sonja Specks
28 May 2015 10:08:00 | Posted by: Sonja Specks, European Coatings Journal
Help – I see paint flaws everywhere!

On the way boarding an airplane, people have to queue in the gangway for a short time. The moment before you are welcomed by the crewmembers, you have a look at the door of the plane - maybe too close in some instances. I start thinking: "Isn’t this rust at the welding line?... How old might this plane be…?”

Damir Gagro
22 May 2015 09:19:00 | Posted by: Damir Gagro, European Coatings Journal
Evonik and Clariant: How much truth is in this rumour?

It has been in the news for a while and the rumour mill is buzzing: Evonik is supposed to look for a mega deal. Different source name Clariant as the possible target. Here is my opinion on that topic!

Vanessa Bauersachs
13 May 2015 15:56:00 | Posted by: Vanessa Bauersachs, European Coatings Journal
Are coatings too invisible outside our industry?

Coatings are omnipresent in daily human life. However, their functions are mostly overlooked by people outside the paints and coatings industry. Should we work on making coatings more visible outside the industry?

Michael Richter
7 May 2015 11:00:00 | Posted by: Michael Richter, European Coatings Journal
Nature – once more showing off

I have to admit, I am a little jealous of nature´s way to invent new things. How nature is dealing with complex molecules to solve problems in a playfully way. I really like the concept to have an eye for small and hard to discover details in nature in order to find solutions for our lives. Let´s try this concept of creating ideas with the example of a carnivorous plant.

Tony Mash
29 April 2015 08:44:00 | Posted by: Tony Mash, TMA Consulting Inc.
Examples of eco-efficiency and, occasionally, eco-effectiveness at the European Coatings SHOW and CONGRESS

Innovation at the European Coatings SHOW and CONGRESScentred principally around the  consolidation of some recent technical breakthroughs together with incremental improvements in performance and functionality across all types of formulation ingredient. Only occasionally did we see examples bordering on radical change. 

Vanessa Bauersachs
2 April 2015 09:46:00 | Posted by: Vanessa Bauersachs, European Coatings Journal
Moving to greener pastures in printing inks

The printing ink industry is increasingly doing research towards renewable raw materials. However, the majority of printing inks does still contain petrochemical substances. How could the conversion to "green” materials be accelerated?

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