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Sunday, 22 April 2018

Pigments for Flexographic Inks.

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Wednesday 04 November 1998 1:00:00 am

Which Pigments are suitable for Flexographic and Gravure inks?

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Monday 23 November 1998 1:00:00 am

Flexographic and gravure printing inks are thin-bodied, quick-drying printing inks. Only synthetic products are used nowadays as colorants. Natural minerals and organic materials of animal and plant origin are no longer used. Toxic compounds such as lead chromates (chrome yellow) and lead molybdates (molybdate red) are hardly used at all. Various types of pigment are used:
Organic pigments: these are easy to disperse and have a high colour intensity, pure shades and good light fastness. Soluble pigments of a basic nature are used for the most part (mainly in flexographic printing).
Metal bronzes: bronzes are fine-particle metal powders which are incorporated either directly in the printing inks or dusted onto an underprinting ink. Gold bronzes (brass powder), silver bronzes (aluminium powder) and copper bronzes (pure copper powder) are often used.
Titanium dioxide: The white pigment is used mainly in its rutile modification.
Carbon pigment: Fine-particle carbon blacks are used as a black pigment.
Interference pigments: This group of pigments includes pearlescent pigments, metal oxide-mica pigments and flame-treated pigments.
Metal complex pigments: Based on chromium complexes, these pigments, also known as Zapon pigments, give particularly glossy metallic effects. They are preferred for printing aluminium films by flexographic and gravure printing.
Abrasive wear occurs during gravure printing. Certain producers offer special pigments from the phthalo blue and phthalo green range which have low abrasion. Metal pigments and titanium dioxide in the rutile form exhibit particular abrasion.

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Thursday 16 September 2004 1:00:00 am

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