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Monday, 24 September 2018

Webinar Heraeus

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Free Webinar with Heraeus on 06 February 2018 at 15 h (CET)

Join us online when Dawn Skinner and Alexander Link from Heraeus gives a free presentation on:

Challenges for UV LED in coating applications


Recently, there has been increasing interest in using UV LED technology in various application fields. This has been driven by the advantages offered by an LED-based UV curing system such as, lower heat output, longer life, lower energy consumption and flexibility in design of the equipment.

Optimizing the combination of irradiance and wavelength, together with the selection of photoinitiator and other formulation components, is critical in achieving a successful curing performance.  A particular issue for the current UV LED lamps, with their narrow band emissions in the UVA region, is how to meet the need for good surface cure by reducing the effect of oxygen inhibition: a challenging requirement for industrial coating and converting applications.

This presentation will explain the increasing UV LED market share and the benefits of UV LEDs for applications, like printing or adhesives. As coating is maybe one of the next big UV LED applications, this presentation also review various ways of mitigating the effect of oxygen inhibition when curing with UV LED lamp systems to deliver coatings with improved surface cure properties. Finally the presentation close with successful examples of UV LED for coatings overcoming the challenge of oxygen inhabitation.

Your benefits:

  • in-depth information
  • drop your individual questions
  • free of charge

This is how it works:

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