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Sunday, 27 May 2018

Webinar Anton Paar


Free Webinar with Anton Paar on 05 October 2017 at 15 h (CET)

Join us online when Oliver Sack from Anton Paar gives a free presentation on:

See things change: Deeper insights into your samples flow behavior and structure

Rotational measurements are an established standard in the paint and coating manufacturing industry for years. Modern, especially air-bearing based rheometers offer - besides rotational tests - the opportunity to perform also oscillatory tests. Oscillatory tests are mainly used to get information about the structural strength (e.g. sedimentation behavior), structural decomposition/recovery (e.g. thixotropic effect) and the flow point of a sample. A rheometer that is able to perform both oscillatory and rotational tests, is a powerful tool to gain comprehensive information about your samples flow behavior and inner structure.

Your benefits:

  • in-depth information
  • drop your individual questions
  • free of charge

This is how it works:

To join the webinar please register here.

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