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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Speaker's information

Vincentz Network and FARBE UND LACK or EUROPEAN COATINGS (FL and EC) are involved in organizing paint-related trade events. The congresses and conferences organised by Vincentz Network provide the the paints and coatings industry with high-calibre expert knowledge. Through your presentation, you too are contributing to the authenticity and quality of our technical information.

Media is being used in increasingly complex ways; what were previously separate communications and media channels are now converging, and the boundaries between terminals, services and formats are growing fuzzier. At the level of media content, the impact of this convergence has been that media content is being offered in multiple formats: print, online, mobile or face to face. Consumers expect maximum diversity and flexibility. Media providers must cater to these altered expectations, which is why this agreement covers both digital and analogue media content.

Vincentz Network intends to make audio and video recordings of your presentation respective the specific event and intends to use them, along with the documents you provide, in an online database and in print.

A precondition of publication of any presentation is that the originator transfers rights of use to Vincentz Network. The following definitions explain what we will do with the rights of use along with the resulting rights and obligations of both parties:

1.    You warrant that you alone own the copyrights and usage rights for the aforementioned content, including all images and materials presented, and that by publishing them you are not infringing any third-party rights. You further warrant that you have not made any arrangement which contravenes this provision. Where the presentation contains texts and/or images to which this is not applicable or is uncertain, you will inform the publisher accordingly.

2.    The publisher has the right but not the obligation to publish the presentation after the event.

3.    You consent to being recorded audio-visually (e.g. by video and/or photo) during the above-mentioned event by the publisher or a commissioned third-party. This agreement also covers recordings of the presentations and other materials shown during the lecture.

4.    You agree to obtain the written consent of the publisher before participating in other commercial offerings that seem likely to provide genuine competition to the offerings covered by this agreement. Consent may not be refused in bad faith.

5.    In particular, you transfer to the publisher the right to use some or all of the presentation, to save it on data carriers or in databases and to distribute it via analogue and digital media channels, or to make it available to the public. This includes in particular the right to copy the recordings and the documents in printed and digital format, and to store and make these available to the public (e.g. via download or streaming). The publisher is entitled to edit the recordings, to shorten them and otherwise process them.
In order to meet the requirements of changes in media consumption in the future as well, you transfer to the publisher in addition those usage rights which are as yet unknown today with regard to publishing and distribution, but which will be necessary in the future.

6.    The publisher reserves the right to make changes, additions and cuts as well as to determine the layout and timing of publication in accordance with current editorial principles.
Publications by this publisher are subject to editorial and quality statutes which are based on journalistic care and the needs of the target groups. You can rest assured that your presentation will be published exclusively in publications that meet these requirements.

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