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Saturday, 18 November 2017

EC Technology Forum | Marine Coatings


EC Technology Forum – turning theory into practice

The European Coatings Technology Forum on Marine Coatings was probably the first conference in Europe focusing on this topic. Also it wasn’t just a normal conference. Not at all! It was a brand-new event, designed specifically to address the needs of coatings experts working in R&D, applications technology and quality assurance.

Hands-on experience wasthe key to get things done

Every day, you’re under pressure to develop high-performance marine coatings in order to fulfil costumer wishes and legal requirements. This includes the development of highly efficient anti-fouling and anti-corrosion systems as well as friction reducing paints. Ship-owners and operators are looking for innovative solutions in this area and would love to get coatings with all this functions in only one systems.

No matter whether you work in development, applications technology or in quality assurance, you have to inject life into your projects so that you can meet customer requirements swiftly. At the European Coatings Technology Forum, you were not only able to hear about new developments in marine coatings, but you were also able to see how they can be used in practice.

Reasons why participants joined:

-          Find solutions to your problems – hands-on workshops in small groups provided viable solutions to the daily challenges in the lab. Hand-picked international experts demonstrated the benefits of the latest innovations in high-performance marine coatings and their practical applications.

-          No lengthy company introductions, no presentation slides – the hands-on workshops got straight to work on solving problems.

-          Challenge the experts – do innovative products being actually deliver the performance promised? This was a chance to get to grips with critical topics.

The "European Coatings Technology Forum – Turning theory into practice” was not a conference – it was the fastest way to address the challenges in your coatings projects!

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Bettina Hoffmann
Bettina Hoffmann
Event Manager
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Conference programme
Conference programme
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