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Saturday, 27 May 2017

CEPE Annual Conference + General Assembly 2017

CEPE Annual Conference + General Assembly 2017

Innovate - our way forward

This year’s CEPE Conference will provide an update on the global economic climate and the changes that could ensue from the elections in several European countries,  not to mention the ramifications of Brexit. Furthermore, it will offer a top-notch programme to address new ideas and global trends and their effect on paints and coatings, while demonstrating how our industry’s products can be a part of the solution to tomorrow’s challenges.

Don’t miss the premium event of the European coatings industry, as it will…

  • …provide first-hand insights into the process of collaborating on innovations
  • …give you an outlook on the global economy, with a special focus on Europe
  • …discuss how paints and coatings can dovetail with global trends  
  • …deliver insights into the Greek paints market
  • …offer an exclusive platform for networking with your peers during both the conference and the festive CEPE Night.

Further information and the detailed conference programme will be available in June 2017.

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Key contact

Lena Witte
Lena Witte
Event Manager
Vincentz Network
+49 511 99 10 281
+49 511 99 10 279


(pdf 1,017 kB)
Conference programme 2017
Conference programme 2017
(pdf 809 kB)

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