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High-performance polyurethane coatings 22 - 23 November 2016, Berlin

EC Technology Forum – turning theory into practice

The European Coatings Technology Forum? Isn´t that just another conference on polyurethane coatings? Not at all! It’s a brand-new event, designed specifically to address the needs of coatings experts working in R&D, applications technology and quality assurance.

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Book tip from EC Library:

A comprehensive guide to the colour technology of coatings

Gain the latest knowledge about the colour technology of coatings in a single book – from the fundamentals of colour perception, to colour measurement, and colour-order systems, through to the characterization and practical application of pigments.

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October issue of ECJ is out

In the focus: Water-borne coatings

This issue features a full package on water-borne coatings: an overview of the market for water-borne coatings, a newly developed silicone emulsion with enhanced performance and exclusive expert voices.

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Comprehensive Coatings Technology

European Coatings Seminars 2016

Want to move into a new area of coatings or just started in the industry? Join our European Coatings Seminars taking place on 29 & 30 November in Amsterdam, the Netherlands!

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European Coatings 360°

Your new one-stop-solution knowledge base

Access all digital contents from European Coatings – right at your fingertips: European Coatings 360° is your new source of coatings expertise, bundling all issues of EC Journal, all technical books from EC Library, and further documents such as conference proceedings and videos. Discover your new and efficient tool for research and start your 14-day free trial now!

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Hazard communication for safe use of mixtures

Safety Data Sheets: Many users are still confused about whether or not exposure scenarios need to be generated for mixtures, and if so, how to set about it. Kerstin Heitmann and Florian Gehlhaar of Umco give an overview of the issue, legal considerations and possible solutions in the current issue of the European Coatings Journal.

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Company strategy

Supersize me

Austria-based Ring International Holding acquired Slovenian paint manufacturer Helios in 2013. One headline entitled this “David takes over Goliath”. The takeover catapulted RIH into the top 10 paints and coatings manufacturers in Europe by turnover. The company now plans to keep climbing up the rankings by focusing more on additional niches.

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Top books from EC Library

<p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Silicone Resins and their Combinations</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Wernfried Heilen,Sascha Herrwerth, 2nd Rev... <br /><span>€ 129,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Design of Experiments for Coatings</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Albert Rössler,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Gerhard Jonschker,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Titanium Dioxide</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Jochen Winkler, Production, Properties and... <br /><span>€ 99,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'></a>