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Friday, 29 May 2015

European Coatings SHOW 2015

Witness the atmosphere at the stand in the interview

It is remarkable how many cars were exhibited at the European Coatings SHOW 2015. Colourful eyecatchers all around the showfloor in Nuremberg. The company Carl Schlenk used this smart concept for their stand, too.

The video reveals why you know the car...

European Coatings SEMINARS 10 - 12 November 2015 in Amsterdam

These seminars offer the latest methods, the latest knowledge and a wealth of experience.

12 topics on 3 days - View seminar programme and make your choice

Seminar programme

European Coatings LIBRARY

What are paints and coatings composed of?

The new publication "Understanding Coatings Raw Materials" by Vijay Mannari and Chintankumar J. Patel offers an optimum overview of the different constituents of the different types of coatings, explaining the chemistry, system and impacts of coating raw materials.

Find out more about the new book

Conference on Decorative Coatings

22 - 23 June 2015, Düsseldorf

During this conference you will:
- receive new market data
- receive information on eco-friendly paints
- get inspirations for your daily work
- have the opportunity to talk with one of the speakers
face to face to discuss your individual questions

This conference is also available via Live Stream.

View conference schedule

EC AWARD Winning Paper

Ultra-fast drying, low VOC, isocyanate-free technology for 2K coatings

At the European Coatings CONGRESS Dr Fred van Wijk and his team at Nuplex Resins were presented with the EC AWARD. A jury of experts had chosen their article “Taming the Michael Addition reaction” describing Ultra-fast drying, low VOC, isocyanate-free technology for 2K coatings as the best contribution. You can read the paper in the May issue of the EC JOURNAL.

Read the authors’ main findings here

Paint & Pintura Industry Overview – Decorative Paints

A groundbreaking study on the South American paint market

Agnelo Editora, publisher of the Brazilian Paint & Pintura magazine, is introducing a new, groundbreaking study with detailed statistical data on the decorative paints market in Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay, covering market volumes and sales, regional characteristics and growth rates, distribution channels, market shares of major competitors and complex consumer profiles.

Learn more about the study

European Coatings JOURNAL

The May issue is out now!

In the current edition of European Coatings JOURNAL, we present the European Coatings AWARD winning paper on ultra-fast drying, low VOC, isocyanate-free technology for 2K coatings. A review of the European Coatings SHOW 2015 gives you all the details on a very successful event. And our focus story is featuring waterborne epoxy systems.

Click here to read the editorial and the contents

Call for Paper

European Technical Coatings Congress

The European Technical Coatings Congress is calling for papers: The third congress edition takes place at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham 25th - 26th May 2016.
Companies and research institutes are kindly invited to submit abstracts for technical oral or poster presentations related to Advances in Coatings Science and Technology.

more information

Top video

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Upcoming events

European Coatings CONFERENCE | Decorative coatings
Düsseldorf, Germany
22 Jun-23 Jun 15

European Coatings CONFERENCE | Decorative coatings
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
10 Nov-12 Nov 15

European Coatings SEMINARS 2015

New books from EC LIBRARY

<p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Silicone Resins and their Combinations</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Wernfried Heilen,Sascha Herrwerth, 2nd Rev... <br /><span>€ 129,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Design of Experiments for Coatings</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Albert Rössler,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Gerhard Jonschker,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/titanium_dioxide'>Titanium Dioxide</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/titanium_dioxide'>Jochen Winkler, Production, Properties and... <br /><span>€ 99,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/buecher/titanium_dioxide'></a>

eJournal - May 2015


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