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Saturday, 30 April 2016

EC Technology Forum | 8 - 9 June 2016, Berlin

Turning theory into practice

Formulating high-performance low to zero VOC coatings.

Hands-on workshops in small groups, see how new developments in low VOC can be used in practice.

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NEW in European Coatings Library

A comprehensive guide to the colour technology of coatings

Gain the latest knowledge about the colour technology of coatings in a single book – from the fundamentals of colour perception, to colour measurement, and colour-order systems, through to the characterization and practical application of pigments.

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EC App: Coatings from A to Z

Discover the mobile glossary for the coatings industry!

Completely redesigned and optimised for iOS 9 and Android, the EC app “Coatings from A to Z” offers an essential mobile glossary for everyone who is in need of looking up special terms and keywords in the field of coatings technology – quick, smart, and easy-to-use.

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April issue of ECJ is out

In the focus: Bio-based coatings

This issue contains a full package on bio-based coatings: an overview of the bio-based solvents market, a newly developed resin based on vegetable oil and exclusive expert voices.

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Moving into a new field of coatings

European Coatings Seminars

Seminars tailor-made to your specific needs

24 May 2016, Frankfurt / Germany
Epoxy coatings

25 May 2016, Frankfurt / Germany
Waterborne coatings
Basics of wood coatings

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ACS 2016

A successful show and conference

More than 9,000 show visitors and 1,100 conference attendees are underlining the status of the American Coatings SHOW und CONFERENCE as the leading event for the coatings industry in North America.

Snapshots from the show and conference

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Upcoming events

European Coatings Show Reloaded 2016
Your own office!
11 May-11 May 16

European Coatings Show Reloaded 2016
Frankfurt / Germany
24 May-25 May 16

European Coatings Seminars 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25 Oct-26 Oct 16

Woodcoatings Congress 2016

NEW eJournal out now - April 2016


Focus topic: Bio-based coatings

For subscribers: Discover the new April issue here or browse through previous issues.


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Enjoy lead articles live on the internet. The next webcast is taking place on 17 May 2016 at 15.00 (CET) 

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Top books from EC Library

<p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Silicone Resins and their Combinations</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Wernfried Heilen,Sascha Herrwerth, 2nd Rev... <br /><span>€ 129,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Design of Experiments for Coatings</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Albert Rössler,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Gerhard Jonschker,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Titanium Dioxide</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Jochen Winkler, Production, Properties and... <br /><span>€ 99,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'></a>