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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

European Coatings CONFERENCE

Architectural Coatings

Update your knowledge on: Method for measuring energy savings on highly reflective coatings, Dispersions and additives for sustainable architectural coatings, Beauty shop or plastic surgery - working on the skin of buildings, Market overview for façade & roof coatings in Europe, Improving adhesion and durability of coatings to wood-, plastic- and composite-based façade materials. 14-15 October 2014 Düsseldorf, Germany

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European Coatings LIVE

Take two – enjoy lead articles live on the internet!

European Coatings LIVE is your editorial online feature: in addition to the journal, the author of the current issue’s lead article will provide further information and more context online. Join in on September 23, 2014 at 15.00 (CET)! Next topic: Waterborne coatings

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European Coatings SEMINARS

NEXT DATE: 11-12 November 2014 | Amsterdam

7 seminars in 1 event. Expand and deepen your knowledge on functional coatings, easy-to-clean coatings, design of experiments, formulation of adhesives and sealants, anticorrosive coatings, fundamentals of marine coatings or dispersion.

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European Coatings LIBRARY

The principles of rheology – clearly, vividly and in practical terms

Already in its 4th edition, this standard work describes the principles and the practical use of rheology in a comprehensive way, enabling the reader to perform tests with rotational and oscillatory rheometers and interpret the results correctly.

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European Coatings CONGRESS

Call for Papers

The European Coatings CONGRESS is calling for papers: Leading coatings experts from all over the world will meet once again to exchange their knowledge and findings at the Nürnberg Congress Center (NCC) from 20 & 21 April 2015. Titles and abstracts of the papers can be submitted until 15 September 2015.

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European Coatings LIBRARY

Everything about titanium dioxide in one single book

With the aid of this book, the reader speedily gains a comprehensive overview of the working mechanisms and possible applications of titanium dioxide. Indispensable for newcomers to the field of titanium dioxide as well as for experts wishing to deepen and expand their knowledge.

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New chemistry for reactive emulsifiers

Main article in the current issue of European Coatings JOURNAL focuses on benefits found in production and performance of aqueous alkyds.

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September issue of European Coatings JOURNAL is out.

Focus on water

The latest European Coatings JOURNAL provides you with in-depth technical information about waterbased coatings, microcapsules for protective finishes, acrylic dispersions and soft-touch coatings. Another highlight is the analysis of the German paint and coatings market 2013/2014.

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European Coatings JOURNAL 2014

Expert Voice about waterborne technology for anti-corrosive coatings

Dr Michael Overs, sales manager and consultant for protective coatings, AkzoNobel, Germany shows his expertise on this hot topic.

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Upcoming events

Düsseldorf, Germany
29 Sep-30 Sep 14

European Coatings CONFERENCE | Novel biocide technology
22 Oct-25 Oct 14

Paintistanbul 2014
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands
11 Nov-12 Nov 14

European Coatings SEMINARS

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Do not miss European Coatings LIVE! Enjoy lead articles live on the internet. Subject on September 23, 2014 at 15.00 h (CET): Waterborne Coatings more


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Novel biocide technology

29 – 30 September 2014


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