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The essential technical dictionary for the coatings industry

Need to look up special terms and keywords in the field of coatings technology? Now in its 2nd edition, "Coatings from A– Z" is your clear, compact, and easy-to-use glossary, providing a comprehensive selection of coatings-related keywords. Enriched with many practical examples, it serves as an efficient aid to both newcomers to the industry and readers with a technical background.

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Your new one-stop-solution knowledge base

Access all digital contents from European Coatings – right at your fingertips: European Coatings 360° is your new source of coatings expertise, bundling all issues of EC Journal, all technical books from EC Library, and further documents such as conference proceedings and videos. Discover your new and efficient tool for research and start your 14-day free trial now!

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Europe's leading conference on coatings, inks, adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals

Submit your high-level technical paper on innovative developments or scientific studies.

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July/August issue of ECJ is out

In the focus: Protective coatings

This issue’s full package on protective coatings features a report on growth drivers in the end-use industries, a novel epoxy nanoclay composite to keep costs down whilst improving performance, as well as exclusive expert voices.

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Programme out now

PRA's 10th International Woodcoatings Congress

The congress will be held in Amsterdam on 25 – 26 October, 2016 and is your ideal opportunity for disseminating new technology, collaboration and networking. The programme describes the variety of papers which will be presented, providing a rich source of knowledge, insights and new ideas.

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Mid-year survey

Off to a good start

The first half of the year is already behind us. A good time to ask paints and coatings producers from all across Europe to evaluate the first half of the year.

How has 2016 fared so far?

Expert Voices

Sustainability and protection

Environmental sustainability is of increasing importance for protective coatings. What are the main obstacles? ECJ has spoken to Olaf Sziedat, Business Area Director Central Europe of Hempel Germany, and Dr Dieter Heldmann, Senior Technical Manager, Performance Silicones at Wacker.

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Upcoming events

Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25 Oct-26 Oct 16

Woodcoatings Congress 2016
Amsterdam | The Netherlands
29 Nov-30 Nov 16

European Coatings Seminars 2016

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Top books from EC Library

<p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Silicone Resins and their Combinations</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Wernfried Heilen,Sascha Herrwerth, 2nd Rev... <br /><span>€ 129,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Design of Experiments for Coatings</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Albert Rössler,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Gerhard Jonschker,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Titanium Dioxide</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Jochen Winkler, Production, Properties and... <br /><span>€ 99,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'></a>