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Monday, 21 April 2014

European Coatings JOURNAL

The April issue’s content at a glance!

The latest European Coatings Journal offers a number of technical papers, featuring self-crosslinking waterborne wood coatings, high-performance protective coatings and enhancement of antifouling efficiency by microencapsulation. In addition, our market analysis gives an impression of the paint and coatings market in 2013.

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Raw Materials & Technologies

Find out all about current developments on coatings additives, coatings binders, waterborne coatings, functional coatings and other coatings technologies.

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European Coatings JOURNAL

The January issue’s content at a glance!

The latest European Coatings JOURNAL offers a number of technical papers, featuring low density fillers, iron oxide pigments, wetting and dispersing agents for anticorrosive paints, and waterborne PUR finishes for leather.
Furthermore, our market analysis shows how coating players can successfully compete in a changing world.

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European Coatings JOURNAL

Don’t miss the February issue!

The European Coatings JOURNAL 02/2014 comprises a number of technical papers, ranging from production technology, novel microbial control dry film concepts, the use of copper phthalocyanine pigment blue, to heat seal integrity.
Furthermore, you will find an article on demand forecasting in our “Market Watch” section.

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European Coatings JOURNAL

The March issue’s content at a glance!

The latest European Coatings JOURNAL offers a suite of technical papers, featuring biocide leaching from facades, nanoparticles for waterborne coatings, polymer brushes for surfaces with variable hydrography, and waterborne anticorrosive coatings.

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Novel adhesives and sealants technology

What is your adhesive favourite?

PUR or Epoxy or PSA or…. - The speakers of the European Coatings Conference “Novel concepts for adhesives and sealants” say what their favourite technology for adhesives is.

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Markets & Companies

You want to stay well-informed about the latest developments in the European paint and coatings industry? Browse our comprehensive "Markets & Companies" News Channel to read te latest information on: Mergers & acquisitions, coatings company strategies, investments, joint ventures, market structures, players and market forecasts.

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We bring the coatings community together

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American Coatings CONFERENCE 2014
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
07 Apr-9 Apr 14

American Coatings CONFERENCE 2014
EC Teaser.jpg
Frankfurt, Germany / Amsterdam, The Netherlands
13 May-14 May 14

European Coatings SEMINARS
Düsseldorf, Germany
29 Sep-30 Sep 14

Novel biocide technology

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