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Friday, 12 February 2016

New issue of the European Coatings Journal is out

Architectural coatings

Colours affect us every day. Room colours may even influence our moods and our thoughts.

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EC Future Dialogue | 15 - 16 March 2016 Berlin

Where industry meets science

The Future Dialogue is a brand new conference designed for R&D managers, innovators and scientists. The annual 1,5 day dialogue fosters the exchange between industry and science and brings new ideas and projects to light.

Keynote speech: Prof. Ludwik Leibler, European Inventor Award Winner 2015

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EC App: Coatings from A to Z

Discover the mobile glossary for the coatings industry!

Completely redesigned and optimised for iOS 9 and Android, the EC app “Coatings from A to Z” offers an essential mobile glossary for everyone who is in need of looking up special terms and keywords in the field of coatings technology – quick, smart, and easy-to-use.

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More Performance, Less Environmental Footprint

PRA's 10th International Woodcoatings Congress is calling for papers

This tenth anniversary will be held in Amsterdam on 25 - 26 October, 2016. Companies and research institutes are invited to submit abstracts describing new scientific and technical developments in coatings for interior or exterior wood.

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European Coatings Library

Silicone Resins and their Combinations

Essential for any formulator of competitive modern paint systems: the 2nd revised edition of this standard work provides you with a concentrated overview of the chemistry and technology of silicone resins and gives a deep insight into their use from an industrial point of view.

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Expert Voice

Architectural coatings

In the February issue of the European Coatings Journal, Per-Erik Sundell, SSAB, explains the differences between roof and façade coatings. Furthermore, he shares his thoughts about the influence of architectural trends.

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Coatings go to work

An overview of today’s functional coatings

The focus topic of the January issue of the European Coatings Journal is functional coatings. In his technical paper Dr Jamil Baghdachi provides an overview of today’s functional coatings and the underlying physical and chemical processes of key types.

A sneak peek into the paper

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Upcoming events

15 Mar-16 Mar 16
EC Future Dialogue
paintistanbul & Turkcoat Exhibition and Congress
Istanbul, Turkey
22 Mar-26 Mar 16

paintistanbul & Turkcoat Exhibition and Congress
American Coatings CONFERENCE 2016
Indianapolis, Indiana | USA
11 Apr-13 Apr 16

American Coatings CONFERENCE 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Frankfurt, Germany
24 May-30 Nov 16

European Coatings Seminars 2016
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
25 Oct-26 Oct 16

Woodcoatings Congress 2016

NEW eJournal out now: February 2016


Focus topic: Architectural Coatings

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Top books from EC Library

<p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Silicone Resins and their Combinations</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'>Wernfried Heilen,Sascha Herrwerth, 2nd Rev... <br /><span>€ 129,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/silicone_resins_and_their_combinations'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Design of Experiments for Coatings</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'>Albert Rössler,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/design_of_experiments_for_coatings'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Sol-Gel-Technology in Praxis</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'>Gerhard Jonschker,  <br /><span>€ 139,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/sol_gel_technology_in_praxis'></a> <p class='shelf-title'><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Titanium Dioxide</a></p><a href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'>Jochen Winkler, Production, Properties and... <br /><span>€ 99,00</span></a><a class='overlay' href='/silver.econtent/catalog/vincentz/european_coatings/books_and_ebooks/titanium_dioxide'></a>